Corporate Actions and Business Ethics Assignment

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The film continues to show the results of the layoffs. Not only were people out of a job, but the Inevitable foreclosure of homes on families who are unable to pay their rent begins and crime rate Increases making Flint one of the unsafe towns In the united States. AAA) One Internal Influence that guided Roger Smith during this documentary is the Idea of doing what’s best for business. Despite knowing the possibility of what would happen to the town of Flint, Smith went ahead and shut down the factory. The overall idea of doing what is best for business came before the livelihood of those living in the town.

The residents relied heavily on General Motors, and without its presence the towns way of life was forever altered. B) Another internal influence that guided Roger Smith was the benefits for outsourcing Jobs rather than paying workers in the united States. Although General Motors could have still made a profit in the United States (Flint, Michigan) Smith and the rest of GM corporate found the idea of outsourcing Jobs to Mexico more appealing. Although outsourcing seems to be a very common practice by big business, Smith realized how small towns Like Flint lived their lives off of General

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Motors. The cheaper wages that outsourcing provide AAA) One internal influence that guided Michael Moore through this documentary was his ties to his childhood. Michael Moore shows Just how much he cares about the town of Flint and it can be seen throughout the film. Moore gives a brief detailed description about his childhood. The memories, the parades, the stars, the mom and pop shops. He has strong ties to Flint and wants to do whatever he can in order to help save it before it’s too late. B) Another Internal Influence that guides Michael Moore through this documentary

Is his compassion for the blue collared worker. Although being a film maker, Michael Moore can relate to the workers of Flint. That being said, he goes above and beyond on his home town. In countless scenes throughout the film, Moore can be seen traveling to track down Smith at meetings, GM headquarters, hangouts etc in hopes to speak to him about the town and its struggles. 5) One organizational influence on Roger Smith that can be seen within this documentary is that of General Motors. As CEO, Smith is the highest-ranking corporate officer in charge of total management of General Motors.

With this power, Smith is given the responsibility of making the decision to close the GM factory within Flint Michigan. Because outsourcing Jobs to Mexico will save money for the General Motors, Smith is given the ultimate decision in closing down the factory for the benefit of the organization. 6) After viewing the documentary Roger and Me I feel that both Michael Moore and Roger Smith exhibited quite a bit of leadership strategy. However, as I stated in class I feel that the film almost gives Moore a biased foundation of leadership because it is in fact his documentary. In all, I feel that

Roger Smith is more of a leader and showed more of an overall leadership strategy than Michael Moore due to the fact that not only is he controlling the fate of an entire town, but he is controlling factories across the world. Roger Smith’s decision to close the factory was the best business decision for General Motors at that time. As CEO it is Smith’s responsibility to make that Judgment call. I understand Moor’s position and why he tried traveling to meet Smith and save the factory through his documentary. However I can’t say it gives Moore any more leadership than Smith.

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