Advertising Is Manipulate Assignment

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I think there are serious concerns relating to advertising, and it has affected children, economy, and family life. First, I think advertising is so controversial and sneaky; it puts ideas, thoughts, and wants into the heads of young ones. Children are susceptible to the things and people around them, so when advertising says they need to have a product, or they need to wear certain clothes to be cool, the children listen. Between the false pretenses of the ads, the manipulation, and commercials, I think that children have paid the price.

Then, the economy has suffered from the advertising manipulation. Businesses and corporations may have a lot of money, but at the cost of consumers. Playstation 3, a popular video game system, came out this year at a whopping $600. 00. Prices are constantly rising for items, especially electronics. With the advertising and the manipulation, people want these items and are willing to pay incredible amounts. What about the Apple I-phone? A cell phone, costing $500. 00, absolutely ridiculous! Finally, I think advertising has taken a toll on family life. Are families sitting at the table chatting?

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No, kids are in their room playing a new video game, dad is at Home Depot, and mom is talking on the phone. Families are spending less time together because there are so many new products that completely consume individuals. I think these issues are of deep concern when it comes to advertising manipulation. I am concerned about this manipulation because thee are lies and techniques that companies use to get consumers to buy their products, and if corporations are willing to use these “tricks” just to get money, what will they do next, how far are they willing to go, and where do they draw the line?

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