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One key way to increase marketing strategies, Wesley could hire a high school student who is still close to the age groups and have that person develop activates and Ideas to Ignite interest In the young children. He should hire a high school student because the high school student Is still naive and could still would be able to develop Ideas that would capture the young child’s Interest. Increasing customer retention An Ideas to Increase customer retention rates Wesley Dolmens could add membership infinite for members who have had an extended membership.

This could be exercised by letting people who buy four years either get a discount, or a free year’s membership. This could increase customer retention by interesting the current or future customers into bulk packaging increasing immediate profits. Another way this could be utilized is by decreasing the cost of membership for members by year (I. E. ) the first year would cost 10 the second would cost 9 the third would cost 8 and so on. These are two ideas for retaining current customers for more time. Bulk buying

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To make his customers to buy more he could offer different packages each with their own different perks to spark interest in everyone even if the particular family didn’t have loads of money. To serve the current customers better he could offer a study group that was help prior to the clinics. He could hire a tutor to come in, however often every week, to interest more people in coming to the clinics. This option would increase more interest in coming, even if they weren’t particularly interested in soccer in the first place. New Market Fields Dickens could grow his business by entering the food market.

He could also grow by marketing soccer products such as shin guards, soccer balls or apparel. This would help get his company name out and support who he is and what he does. It would also give the kids or parents a conversation piece to start a conversation, this could also promote the name of company so more people would hear of the company name. This could gear the parents towards along specifically to their kids and their kid’s friends. Increasing Servitude Opening camps in places further away, Dolmens could offer commuter deals such as a few dollars off.

Or another way Is to offer classes taught by a fellow Instructor at the local park or YMCA. This could encourage kids to come because It Is much more local and not such a long drive. It would also be an option for kids to walk or ride bikes making It even better for the parents. Conclusion In conclusion, there are four market ideas to help increase business products bulk buying that could lead to better deals, special packaging that includes deals, advertising on apparel to help capture attention, and local clinics to help increase attendance. These ideas would help increase the marketing to help increase

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