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Writing has a huge impact on most people. People love to write everyday. I believe writing is a gateway for people to express themselves beside talking. Writing helps to relieve stress, gather thoughts, and simply have fun. Although writing took a big role in some people’s life, it was a challenge in my life. My relationship with writing has been tough and difficult throughout my life. I was never a fan of writing while growing up.

It was always hard for me to write essays,research papers, and any type f documents that required me to put thoughts together into a paper. My past experience with writing wasn’t always so pleasant. I always get frustrated and upset when I couldn’t gather my thoughts together. For the most part, writing was never interesting to me which I personally disliked it . When I had to write essays, I feel like IM being forced to write them by my teachers. In my mind, it was an assignment or a homework that needed to be done or my grades will be suffered.

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As I was growing p, my parent’s would constantly make me write and repeat words over and over again until I memories them by heart. They believed it would benefit me in the future but I felt miserable and grew to hate writing. Ata young age, it was always hard for me to gather ideas and thoughts onto a piece of paper. I was a student that couldn’t express myself well and my grammar skills wasn’t amazing . My teacher never encouraged me to write instead they will always criticized my grammar skills.

During 7th grade, my teacher read my essay out loud in front of the whole class, without my permission, I felt embarrassed since my essay wasn’t half as good compare to the other students in the class. I believe in order to express my thoughts more clearly through writing is to first start improving my grammar skills. Through continuous practice and patience, I will develop a good fundamental background in writing. I hope writing will be a big factor in my life in the future ,although I have negative experience in the past.

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