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You cannot collaborate on any part of this Section B work with any other student/s as it forms part of the assignment task. Ana teen you wall need to complete ten MOB assignment. The assignment consists of a series of business transactions, a stock take, a bank statement and end of month adjustments which you have to apply/enter into MOB. These transactions are an extension of the Section B work. You will need to complete all of the Section B work and checked its accuracy before commencing the assignment task. This is an individual piece of assessment and you cannot collaborate on this work with any other student/s.

If you are found to have collaborated with others in Section B or the Assignment task, you will be reported to the university for academic misconduct. We will be checking for this. The assignment task will be released in Week 8. Introduction Downloading the MOB Workbook This MOB Workbook is available on the Blackboard site under Learning Resources An Introduction to MOB The MOB tutorial activities are essentially self-paced and are based on the textbook: Valley, Mark (2010) – MOB: A Hands on Approach, Accounting Enterprise FL 9.

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There are only four one hour tutorials allocated to MOB tutorial activities, but you deed to complete the relevant sections of this textbook, as detailed in this workbook before you start the assignment. This nears you will need to do a lot of this work outside the tutorials. The tutorials are designed to guide you on the important aspects of each chapter, review the weekly quiz questions, and also to provide you with an opportunity to raise any issues which you may have encountered directly with your tutor. As you work through the textbook, try to understand what you are doing.

Do not press the keys without thinking about what you are doing and the accounting entries associated with each action. Always question what you are doing and why you are doing it. You need to understand all of the various menus, screens, messages, etc. , and the accounting logic behind them so that by the time that you start the assignment, you are thoroughly familiar with the operation of MOB and understand how the accounting entries in the general ledger are created by the MOB system. Don’t be afraid of making errors.

This is how you really get to learn the package. If you make an error, try to find the error and fix it yourself. Guidance is given Page 4 and 5 of this Workbook. If you are still having problems after that, ask for help from our tutor. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your tutor is the person you should contact for help in learning MOB and fixing any workbook related problems. Please note however that your tutors are not permitted to answer any questions relating to the assignment. Please direct any questions relating to the assignment to your Unit coordinator.

Saving your MOB data file – You will be saving all your work related to MOB on a USB as this provides easiest access both on your computer and at IQ-JET. You will make backups as per the instructions in the textbook both on your computer and at IQ-JET. WORDS OF WARNING: Due to the amount of work involved, it may be difficult to complete all of this work immediately before the assignment is due. Please keep up-to-date and ensure that you also allocate sufficient time to review your work before submitting your assignment. For best results, attend your tutorials, ask questions, and resolve issues as they arise. Ђ? ? ? And remember…. You will need to complete this Workbook and agree all figures to the End of Workbook solution on the Blackboard site before you can start the assignment. – IMPORTANT POINTS * For completion of all your work in the Valley textbook, you will use your . MY file. You will continue to use the same . MY file every time you open MOB unless there is a problem. If there is a problem, that is when you should use your backup files. * Never take out your USB storage device until you have exited MOB correctly.

Also, make sure that you click on the “Safely Remove Hardware” function and wait until the computer gives you confirmation that it is safe to remove your USB storage device. Accounting packages are databases and they must be closed down properly or you may have problems. Files can easily be corrupted if you do not take these two steps. If your files become corrupted, you might need to redo all of the work and toner Tiles could also De damage I Nils Is your responsibility * There is no need to print various reports when the textbook tells you to print.

If you do not want to keep a copy, Just display the report on the screen to see if it is correct. Using the Valley Textbook The Valley textbook guides you through setting up and running the Dee Why Golf Range Pity Ltd. As you read Valley, you should complete the material specified in this Workbook. In some cases, you are only required to read the material, but in other instances you ill be required to read and carry out the instructions on the computer. And sometimes, you will be asked to carry out alternative instructions which are detailed in this Workbook.

You should always read the relevant section of this MOB Workbook before you start each chapter of the Valley textbook. The Workbook will tell you exactly what has to be done. It is also a good idea to mark up any important points on the pages of the Valley textbook that are noted in the Workbook. This way, when you get to that section in Valley, you are aware of what should happen. Doing the Assignment tenement and end of month adjustments which you have to apply/enter into MOB and which follow on from the work undertaken in section B.

This is an individual piece of assessment and you cannot collaborate on the assignment or Section B work. The assignment will be released in Week 8. Getting Ready Setting up MOB on your computer See Appendix 1 for assistance in installing MOB on your computer. Accessing MOB at IQ-JET Load MOB by clicking on Start All Programs MOB Accounting Enterprise via DE + MOB Accounting Enterprise via DE+ 2. On the MOB Welcome screen (see Figure 2. 3 of Valley), you can either “Open” an existing file or Create” a new file for a new company’s transactions.

If you are creating a new file, simply click on the Create command. 10 open an excellent Tile, slimly click on ten “Open” command. In ten MOB Slang -on window, leave the word “Administrator” as the User ID and do not enter any password (IEEE leave the password field empty), and choose “Verify Company Data” to check that your file has not become corrupted. If your file has become corrupted, you may need to restore a backup version. Bringing Files to IQ-JET Please bring your MOB file, which is stored on your USB, to each tutorial. Backup Procedure The backup file is a second copy of your main file.

You should only need to restore a back-up file (per below) if you main . MY file is lost or corrupted, or if you made a mistake and need to restore a previous version of your main file. Your aim is to back up your file regularly and correctly and this workbook tells you when to backup. At QUIT, backup to your student network location, At home, create a backup to your C: drive. For extra security, copy this file to your student drive at IQ-JET. Restoring a Backup File If a problem arises with your . MY file, you will need to restore the latest backup version as per the textbook instructions. U will start MOB, click on Open within MOB * Look In will be the place where your Backups are stored, make sure you change “Files of type” to “All files (*. *)”. * Choose the appropriate . ZIP file and click Open. You will be asked where you want to save it to, so choose your appropriate USB drive location. * Change the name of the restored MY and click on Save. This process will create a new . MY file that you should now continue to use in the normal way. * If this process does not work, contact your tutor for alternative instructions.

General Note: A key part of this tutorial work and following assignment is to obtain an in- PPTP understanding of MOB. This includes knowing how to find and fix mistakes. Sometimes simple mistakes can be Just corrected by locating the transaction with the error and editing it. However, for some mistakes this is not possible and you will need to go Dock Ana restore a previous Duck Tile. The details of each of these two steps are listed below. Finding the Mistake 1 . Click on the Transaction Journal option at the bottom of any Command Centre screen, 2.

Click on the relevant tab (Receipts, Sales, All, etc) OR Just select the ALL tab, 3. Nominate the date range for your transaction screen – would initially commend 1/1/2000 as the FROM date, and the current date as the TO date, 4. Locate the entry that is incorrect (please note that transactions are sorted by actual input and edit date and time and not transaction date and therefore may not be in correct transaction date order), 5. Click on the arrow on the left to bring up the original transaction screen, 6. Fix the mistake (if you can).

In the following example, the incorrect date for the transaction Page 79 was entered. I have accidentally used 15th March 2011 (which was my actual input date last year) rather than the correct transaction date of 6th December 2010. After clicking on the arrow at the left hand side of the transaction, the original Spend Money input screen will then be displayed (as shown on the next page). Fixing the Mistake On the Spend Money input screen, in most cases, you will be able to simply change the date to the correct date and then press K and the problem will then be fixed.

If this doesn’t work you might have to delete the transaction (as shown below) and then re-enter the whole transaction. If you are trying to delete a purchase where a subsequent payment has been made, you will have to delete the payment first before you will be allowed to delete the purchase. If All Else Fails However, if the error involves inventories, then it is not so easy. Often you will have to put through a correction entry to reverse the incorrect entry that was processed (a credit/adjustment note); and then put through the correct entry.

However, because the perpetual inventory system is being used, the inventory cost may not be correct because the weighted average method is used. In these circumstances, it will be easier and better to go back and restore a previous backup file, and then proceed through the exercise again (see notes Page 27 including Important Tip). For this reason, it is crucial that you: 1 . Heck and double check the screen before you click the Record button for each transaction that you enter 2. Backup regularly using the relevant page number as per instructions Page 26.

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