Create Folder In Local Disk Assignment

Create Folder In Local Disk Assignment Words: 1201

Before starting to do the data entry in accordance with the information provided in the question papers, candidates are required to create a folder in Local Disk.

The name of the folder shall be named as your l. c. No. / Passport No. + your full name If your l. c. No. / Passport No. is 930507-13-5790 and your full name is Sharon Tang Chei Hung, please create a folder which is named as “930507-13-5790 + Sharon Tang Chei Hung” in Local Disk (C:) in order to store the Backup file as shown below: After you have finished entered all the necessary data into Sage UBS software, please backup your data into the folder that you have created as your l. c. No. / Passport No. and your full name as shown below: 3/ 25

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Essential Documents In Sage UBS Certificate Examination The Candidate’s Examination Slip Please make sure the details in your examination slip are accurate; especially the Candidate name and l. c. /passport No. This is because the candidate’s name and I. C. / passport No. printed on examination slips will be used to print on Sage UBS Certificate. Candidates Attendance Sheet Each of the candidates shall sign here for the record of attendance. Each candidate is required to sign at his attendance record in Candidates Attendance sheet(s) provided in Sage UBS Certificate Examination. 25 Step 1 Check your default login password of Sage UBS On-Line Examination System in your personal e-mail’s inbox. Since the candidate: Ms. Sharon Tang Chei Hung has registered to enroll Sage UBS Certificate Examination using her personal e-mail address: Sharon. [email protected] com; therefore, in order to check her default login password, she needs to login to her e-mail A/C and check the inbox. An e-mail is automatically sent by Administrator Sage-UBS to candidates in order to inform them the respective default password for each of them to access Sage UBS On-Line Examination.

If you cannot find the e-mail in inbox, you may need to open the Junk-Mail box or Spam-Mail box to find the e-mail. 5/ 25 Open the e-mail sent by Administrator Sage-UBS and check the default password in the e-mail. 6/ 25 step 2 Ms. Sharon shall visit the official web site of Sage University: http:// education. sage. my in order to login to Sage UBS On-Line Examination system. Ms. Sharon shall enter her User Name and Password which both can be found in the e-mail received from Sage UBS Certificate Examination Administrator. Click the Login button to login to Sage UBS On-Line Examination System. / 25 Forgot Password or No E-mail of Password Received ? select & click on the words: LOST PASSWORD? Key in the personnel e-mail address which used to register Sage UBS Certificate Examination. Then click on 0K. Go back to personnel e-mail A/C and sign in. 8/ 25 Sign in to the personnel e-mail account which used to register for Sage UBS Certificate Examination. Open the Inbox of e-mail A/C. You may find an e-mail received from Admin which is having the header: Sage University: Change password confirmation Open the e-mail received from Admin.

If you cannot find the e-mail sent from Admin in inbox, then you may need to check it in the Junk Mail box or Spam Mail box. In the e-mail, click on the hyper link to confirm the change of the password. Click on Continue. Go back to personnel e-mail account to check for the e-mail of new generated password. 9/ 25 Click on the new e-mail received from Admin. 10/ 25 11 / 25 Observe the new generated password in order to access Sage UBS On-Line Examination system. 12/25 Enter the user name with the personnel e-mail address (which you have used it to egister for Sage UBS Certificate Examination).

Key in the password which you got from the e-mail received. Click on Login button. Ms. Sharon MUST change the assigned default password when she first time login to the official website of Sage University. At first, Ms. Sharon shall enter the default password found in the e-mail. Then, she has to enter her owned desired password (New Password) for 2 times. The length of the New Password MUST at least 8 characters. After entering the New Password, click on the button of Save changes. 13/ 25 Then click on the button of Continue.

You may edit your profile for example: your e-mail address, your residential address, your contact number (Telephone No. ) and your l. c. No. / Passport No. if you find that the information in the system is invalid. After finished editing the personal profile, click on the button of Update profile. 14/ 25 Click on the button of Sage UBS-Univ. 15/25 Click on Sage UBS Certificate Course Examinations as circled as below: Click on 201 P – Sage UBS Computerised Accounting as circled as above. 16/ 25 17 / 25 Click on 201 P – Sage UBS Computerised Accounting (Practical) as circled as below:

Click on the Browse button to select the backup file in order to upload it into Sage UBS On-Line Examination system. 18/ 25 Go to Computer 0 Local Drive (C:) to look for the folder which is named as Your I/C No. or Passport No. + Your Full Name In this example: the folder name shall be 930507-13-5790 + Sharon Tang Chei Hung. Double click the folder to select. Double click the file of BACKUP. ACC to select. 19/ 25 20 / 25 Click on the button of Upload this file so that the file of Backup. acc can be uploaded into Sage UBS On-Line Examination system for marking purpose. Click on Continue button.

Upload Date 59 201 p 27 3002 . ACC Upload Batch Subject Assignment Candidate Time The Batch ID, Subject ID, Assignment ID & Candidate ID are auto-generated & fixed by the system. If you can see this file, it means that you have uploaded the backup file successfully. Click on LOGOUT to logout from the system. 21 / 25 After the Sage UBS On-Line Examination is implemented, there is no diskette provided for candidates to do the data backup. In order to make sure the data entered in Sage UBS software is more secure, it is recommended to do backup and upload the backup file frequently (for example: very 1 5 minutes).

In case the computer system hangs due to hardware / software failure or a sudden electricity power failure occurs, candidates may always be able to download the uploaded backup file in order to do the data restore; provided always that the internet is accessible when performing downloading and the end time of the examination is not reached yet. In order to download the uploaded backup file, point your mouse pointer to the backup file (as circled) and double click on it. At the bottom of the screen, click the drop down button V on the right side of Save button.

Click on Save as 2/ 25 23 / 25 Scroll along the scroll bar of Folders to search Computer. Point and click on Computer to select. Then click on Local Disk (C:) to select. 24 / 25 Search for the folder which you have created to store the backup file. In this example, the folder is referred to 930507-13-5790 + Sharon Tang Chei Hung. Then double click on it. 25 / 25 Click on Save button. GO to the folder: + Sharon -rang Chet Hung You shall rename the BACKUP. ACC to other file name. Then rename the downloaded rename process is needed in order that you can restore the backup file into Sage UBS software.

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