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Course tab (is a tab where the faculty staff can add or delete the folder of a specific class in the record),Attendance tab (is a tab where present or absent days of a student together with the school dates are seen; records can be assessed and edited and is automatically saved after doing so), Grade tab (is a tab which serves as a highlight since it is the main focus of the website; it contains modules for different academic requirements such as assignments, quizzes, recitations, projects, midterm ND final examination, midterm and final average, and the total grade for that current semester or period; grades, such as that of attendance, can not only be assessed but can also be edited and is automatically saved afterwards), Password tab (is a tab which enables the staff to change the current password being used ) will appear after your data inputs are validated from the previous page. Members of the faculty can view the different websites inside the website by Just clicking on the different tabs linked on to the different pages. It is intended to be implemented not only for the convenience of instructors, for it takes lesser time and effort recording electronically, but also for the advantage of the student.

Transparency (since not only the total grades are can be seen, but also the breakdown of grades are included ), availability (since students can check their records through campus administrator’s database located inside the Director’s office without roaming around the campus Just to see the subject instructor), reliability (since I-cord is mess-free and provides a more readable record and thus avoids infusion which makes a record unreliable), and most especially security (since records aren’t capable of being loss like those written in paper, furthermore, are kept in a database and can be held for a long period of time) are the main reasons why. These are not only the reasons of why it is pursued, but these are also the problems observed in using traditional manual class record.

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Plus, having this will attain an environmental friendly system due to the lessened use of paper and/or other paper products. An internet connection (since it is an online-based system), and a computer unit or website. But for the faculty staff, they must be aware of their own valid and unique surname and password in order to have an internal access to the website. Records can’t be accessed if failed to do so. Since it is only a click-and-type system, simple computer knowledge is only required such as encoding skills, therefore, the instructor must be familiar with the keys on board; and a clear eye vision. The instructors must also be sensitive with what they’re encoding for a more reliable data.

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