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Please post on LIVE with your ID number only (not your name). Describe the theory of change underlying the logic model you brought to class, noting areas where you are pretty confident of its empirical underpinnings and areas where you are less confident, AND Describe a realistic way of assessing whether and to what extent the organization is achieving its major outputs and major outcomes. It’s K to use an improved version of the logic model you brought to class, or even a efferent one if you prefer.

But unless you are using the version that you physically handed in on Monday, please attach a copy of your logic model. In any event, you will not be graded on the logic model itself, but only on this assignment. L. Issue Statement Blatant wastage by bakeries throwing away unsold breads was highlighted in news report. It was reported by the Sunday Times that every day at 10 pm, about 2,000 buns from the 18 outlets of bakery chain Bread Talk are emptied into large black trash bags and thrown away. This scene is repeated at other food outlets around the island.

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Only three of the 10 fast-food and bakery chains contacted by The Sunday Times said they do not dump their leftovers. This defied the underlying basics of economics ? minimizing wastage by maximizing utility of resources. This calls for a solution to minimize such wastage through redistribution. II. Community Needs The question is how to minimize such wastage by distributing it to those who will appreciate the “neutralized” economic value of surplus breads. Beneficiaries defined by households whose average per capita income range between S$O – S$200, tit many of them relying on hand-outs from friends and family.

They are either single parent families with one parent either deceased, in prison or in drug rehabilitation; single mothers; families with a member with costly, long term medical issues; or families with a breadwinner who is unable to work due to an accident or illness. And the program seeks to reach out them through school and resident committee networks. The program delivers the breads to welfare organizations such as nursing homes, children’s homes, homes for the aged and halfway houses for drug edicts.

This list also includes day care centers as well as Senior Activity Centers (SAC) which are set up at the void decks of 1 to 3 rooms. HAD flats. A checklist is used to determine the most suitable beneficiary for the program. Considerations include the financial condition and the typical requirements of the institution. The institution is also inquired on whether they have a fridge for overnight storage, an oven for reheating, and if there are any specific dietary requirements (hall, vegetarian etc. ). Draft Essay By actuated

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