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Our target audience will be the families of older people. Some times when your loved one is suffering from condition like dementia, or transient memory loss or Alchemist’s disease, it is stressful for care takers to provide support. They cannot look after these loved ones for 24 hours. Work and other obligations can make it harder to look after them. So our facility would provide all the care they need. Are similar or competitive products or services available? List or briefly describe a similar product or service: There are many competitors available in Waukesha, WI County.

For example = Summit woods, Oval square, Oakwood house west etc. They all provide assisted living. But many facilities provide dressing, grooming and complex medical help. My Idea is to have the facility for active adults who have dementia like conditions. The people who like to have their independence or who do not want to live in assisted living. I have met with many seniors who want support but also like to have some independence. How will your product or service differ from competitors? What is your distinctive competitive advantage?

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My Idea is to provide a facility to seniors who are active but need support. I would like to provide transportation for Doctor’s visit, Transportation for grocery and other things, I would like to arrange gatherings to help them communicate and interact socially. We would like to help them to get their homes ready for sale or help them in moving, with transition from the homes of loved ones to our facility. We would respect them as independent individuals, at the same time we would like to offer Music therapy, communications and guidance. Their families can visit them and take part in their care.

We would also provide Exercise agility like gym, healthy nutrition according to their individual needs (considering allergies, diabetes etc. ), also, we would like to have recreational park where they can walk or do yoga or can Just relax. I understand that there are many competitors who are already have senior living facilities but our different approach for active adults can be our advantage. Do you have questions for your instructor? Hello, Professor. Can you please provide the feedback on this idea? Please help me with your suggestions or information so that I can improve my Marketing Plan.

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