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For your reaction papers, I am looking for YOUR perspective / reflection / take on what you have studied, read, discussed In class (or outside hopefully) and come to understand. I am NOT looking for a report. For example, I want to know what you think about the US Dakota War. I don’t want a history report. I teach and discuss the material so I am well aware of the facts: who, what, where, when etc.

BUT I do not know what you are thinking or how you might incorporate your own understanding of the topic so that is the purpose of these papers, not to simply spout off events and seasons (which you should already know by the time you sit down to write the paper)but more importantly, I want to know what can you do with that Information rather than listing it. I am also looking for your sources, where you acquired knowledge from.

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Was it in class, in discussion, the web Oust put in the URL), video (title of video), lecture ex. (Counterman, class lecture Seep 20, 2008), or some other source? Backing up your thoughts/reflections with a source also makes your perspective and paper that much stronger. If you state that you were angry for example, here Is a poor example of the yep of reflection “When I found out how the animals were treated, this really made me mad”.

A good example of what I’m looking for “The way the animals were treated was terrible and angered me but it reminded me that at the time of this event, no one was outraged because they were viewed as Just dumb animals with no rights of their own. John Smith states that “… Just because we cannot understand their language or their behavior, this does not mean they have no Intelligence or political structures of their own. We are simply Limited as humans to comprehend their oral” (Smith, 1978, up)” When you use sources, there are many ways to cite them.

I’ve given you one example of PAP. Duke University has a nice page on citations. Http://library. Duke. Deed/research/citing/within/index. HTML Paper # US Dakota war AT 1 Questions to think about: BEFORE: What was happening before 1862? Causes of the war: Both Dakota and Euro-American perspective What is a treaty (based on what happened, how would you define a treaty? ), what is sovereignty, what are human rights and what should happen when these are violated?

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