Biology Reaction Paper Assignment

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Photosynthesis and its importance during the food-making process in plants. It plays a vital role for it helps in the production of food. Photosynthesis simply means “to put together with light. ” From the definition itself, we can conclude that plants would not be able to produce food without the help of light (sun). With the presence of light, photosynthesis occurs. Animals depend on plants for food and Just like animals, we, humans, also need plants. Plants are the primary source of the air that we breathe in.

Without plants, do you think we will be able to survive? Well the answer is very obvious, we definitely cannot survive. It’s Just a matter of give-and-take relationship, right? We breathe out the air that plants need in order to produce food which is carbon dioxide (CA) and in return, plants give out the air that we need for us to survive which is oxygen (02). The cycle goes like this: plants oxygen human carbon dioxide plants. In the video, they mentioned two important parts of the plants which are the stomata and the chloroplast.

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Plants have small holes which are called stomata. Stomata are referred to as ‘mouth’ because it is where carbon dioxide enters. Meanwhile, chloroplasts are small green bodies where photosynthesis takes place. Carbon dioxide is not the only factor that plants need in order to produce food. It also requires light energy, carbon dioxide/monoxide and lastly, the presence of green pigment. The rate of photosynthesis may vary depending on the amount of light and the temperature.

These two are directly proportional to each other, like for an instance: if the amount f light is high and the temperature is hot, then the rate of photosynthesis is fast but, if the amount of light is low and the temperature is cold, the rate of photosynthesis is slow. Then we arrived to the conclusion that if the rate of photosynthesis is fast, the production of food and the release of oxygen are also fast. Wave length was also tackled in the video. It was stated there that the wave lengths of the colors’ violet, blue and red are more important rather than the colour green.

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