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Assignment Network File Sharing ITT Lothrop Campus Online Class Many years ago, who would have ever have thought that sharing files through the network would be Just as easy as say saving a file to a floppy disk, or to a flash drive, or to a CD-ROOM. With network file sharing however, you can send the file over your network connection, instead of having to save the file to a storage device first and then personally hand delivering it, or sending it to the recipient.

Some people try to file transferring with email, but emails have limited space for file sharing and are slow and cumbersome. File transfer protocols such as peer to peer (POP) act as a client, and server. POP allows larger transfers of file sharing, but does not use a central server like NFG (network file share) does. File sharing helps administration because storing files in a centralized server allows only clients with permissions to access the files.

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Administrators can have the security f the files that may be needed for critical business systems but also allow employees access to the file and resources they need. It also makes the backup and recovery of such files easier when they are all in one place. Storing files in a central server allows only clients with permissions for the files to access them. Furthermore, files can be encrypted to protect the information without the proper password and user rights access. File sharing is better than using an external device since, external devices can be lost, or stolen.

Sharing a file through a network allows the encryption to protect the permissions of the file and the access to the file. (NFG) also known as network file system, can be used over multiple operating systems such as UNIX operating systems. NFG is very secure for file sharing and is kept up to date. When transferring files using NFG you can be assured that your files are secure because of the built-in security that NFG incorporates. NFG continues to be updated and has been around since 1984. It is still known for secure file transferring ND continues to have good outcomes.

NFG is still an up to date file sharing system and can be implemented to fit client needs. So as you can see, using NFG on a Linux system offers administrators ease of use, security, consolidation of files onto one centralized server or server farm as well as making it easier for them to backup, restore and maintain the data. The days of emailing files, sending drives via email and having to go to different parts of the building to access your files or other resources are a thing of the past with NFG. By theosophist

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