Self Assessment Reflection Paper Assignment

Self Assessment Reflection Paper Assignment Words: 543

As discussed, the results of such tests rely heavily on the honesty of the answers. At times, I felt a bit overwhelmed because I was unsure of some of my answers. I felt that it was important to answer correctly even though some tests mentioned there is no “right or wrong” answers. I found myself spending unnecessary time on a question or skipping over it. Some questions I Just left unanswered and went back to answered them days later. I also noticed that these assessments were based on allowing the test taker to score the results themselves.

With this it gave me the immediate opportunity to interpret my results. These psychological assessments measured various heartsickness, attributes, and traits including learning preference, assertiveness, identifying feeling, and career decisions. I wasn’t really shocked or surprised by any of my results. I already knew that I’m not an assertive individual and I was aware of the way in which I learn. I was Just given a clear reassurance with my results.

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I found the Borsch Learning Style Inventory to be one of the most interesting. This evaluation assesses your learning style and helps you to gain a better understanding of your learning preference. I learned that there are different types of learners: visual, auditory, and kinesthesia. After taking the assessment my results showed that I am a visual learner. Eve always known that I learn better by actually “viewing” the material. Seeing power points and presentations help me to retain information that I am taught.

Receiving my assessment results, my scores were 28% visual, 24% auditory and 20% kinesthesia. My visual and auditory scores were very close, so I also feel that these go hand and hand. They work together to give me a more complete learning experience. Even though my kinesthesia score was the lowest, I feel that I also have a need to write things down or be hands on with some activities. This helps me when I am trying to learn how something works. I would score this test high in psychometric quality.

I consider it to be a “good test” because it measured what it claimed it would measure and the conclusions that were drawn were appropriate making it valid (Miller, 2011). The purpose and nature of this assessment was very clear. I understood what the test was measuring, what it was predicting and the format. I felt the questions were consistent and easy to understand. I didn’t feel that any of the assessments were bias in any way. I personally felt that there were no ethical issues involved.

They didn’t have any questions that directly interfered with your personal life or discriminated in any way. The questions were clear and easy to understand and the results that I received were given a clear explanation. This assignment was very interesting and it gives me a better understanding to the importance and the foundations of psychological assessments. I see how the results of such tests can result in an individual’s decision making or their future. These assessments made me aware of the seriousness that needs to be involved and how the results can affect you and those around you.

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