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Individual Assignment week 4: Issue Analysis: 15 points After reading the selected critical issue, complete the worksheet below to analyze the issue. O. Read Issue 17: Are Professional Women “Opting Out” of Work by Choice? This reading is located in the Taking Sides text. O. Provide in text citations within each response and references at the end of the worksheet that follow PAP guidelines. O. Each response is worth 3. 75 points, and each response must have a minimum of 250 words 1. What are the main points of Linda Horseman’s argument?

The first main point that Linda Hiroshima states is that feminism did not go far enough (Guest, 2011). Her view point is that women fought so hard for the movement and now it feels as if the women of today have no to little regard for what has been fought for over the years. Linda feels that the harmful things and provides and gives us that security. However it can be broken and we should not always be afraid of that change. Amazing and wonderful things can come about we Just need to at times take that leap of faith.

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Linda Hiroshima view is very clear that woman are stuck in the traditional ways and seem to not have moved much on feminist issues, While society as moved in this area the actual families have not and because of this it feels as if the feminist movement is being disrespected. Woman of today are taking large steps backwards and not having faith in themselves that they can lead the work force. She believes that choosing to leave a good career for family is like saying that the feminist movement was a waste of time.

The feminist movement gave us the right to vote and to work and it feels like now that we have these rights we could careless to use them. Hiroshima refers to the roof of the home continuously in the text saying that it’s like pining in a home with a glass roof (Guest, 2011). This statement is very strong and powerful and makes more sense than some may realize. The roof to our home protects us from all the 2. What are the main points of Pamela Stone’s argument? Pamela Stone’s argument is that there are many reasons that the women of today are choosing to stay home rather than work.

In her interviews with woman she was sure to interview very well educated women and those that strives for mere perfection. One thing is that the men in the lives of these women were not supportive and not mentioned of much. The men and society of today have placed a lot of responsibility on a woman’s shoulders when it comes to the child. It is the woman who makes the decision or is given the task to make the heavy decisions regarding the child’s future. Because of this many women choose to stay at home to be sure that the children will receive everything that they deserve and that they are not lacking in any area.

Another issue that she reviews is that employers do not work with moms at all. For example she talked about the scenario where two moms brought a solution to their problem to management yet it failed to receive approval instead one mother was offered more money (Guest, 2011). Employers are not very flexible when it comes to mothers and don’t provide the proper care that is needed for a child. Since men are the ones that don’t carry the responsibility of the child’s well-being having proper day care is not a factor for them.

Then there is the cost of day care which is high and can at times not compare to what the individual is making. 3. Based on Horseman’s and Stone’s arguments, which author do you agree with? Provide supporting evidence. (Your response may be written in first person) The author that I choose to agree with is Stone. Women of today realize what the role models of our past have done for us and are very grateful, however things have changed. The doors were opened and women are using them and still fighting to have the doors pushed open even more.

Actually the feminist act has left the women in charge most of the time. Are women going and working for other companies no. However they are working in their home and there are times when that saves a lot of time and money. I also believe that having at least one parent at home or who is readily available helps with parenting. It shows the child how much you care about heir future not Just about your neighborhood status on who has the newest things. Within today’s society there is a large group of mothers who are single mothers.

Because of this the men in the child’s life can go to work whenever and has no worry about what to do with a child however the mother who is the sole care provider needs that requirement of daycare met prior to even considering a Job. Women are not ungrateful for the feminist movement but rather slowly pushing to achieve it in different areas at different levels. According to Forbes 2012 33% of women today are choosing to stay home and raise their children. Out of the other percentage that are working women 84 % of those women are waiting for their partner to make enough financially so they can stay at home with their children. . Explore two other roles that can be acquired during early and middle adults such as through parenthood, romantic relationships, and career. How have these roles changed through the past generations? The other two roles that come to my mind during early and middle adulthood are the caregiver and marriage. The caregiver has always been looked at as it should be the woman or the motherly figure. However times have changed and that is not the case anymore. Many men are also opting to stay home if it makes sense financially.

These men then take on the role that usually a woman would such as taking care of the children and the household duties. This is a decision that is made within the marriage and usually the Job security of one or the other is what will choose which individual stays home. The other role that has changed within society today is marriage. Marriages use to have a strong significance to individuals and meant a lot however with our society today it does not. Simply because you got someone pregnant does not mean that you marry them anymore.

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