The Yellow Wall Paper symbolism and irony Assignment

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The Yellow Wall Paper Short Response In this story the Author uses a lot of ironic situations and symbolism to get his readers to understand and fully take grasp of what the theme is. The theme in “The Yellow Wall Paper” is about how this mentally ill narrator worsens her condition by not speaking out and remaining blissful to reality. Through out the story, the narrator feels as if she can not speak her mind toward her husband due to the man’s say in society during that time.

The narrator’s mind begins to deteriorate because her emotions and thoughts are all kept inside and the only way she knows how to express her feelings begin to take a toll on her health physically. The story was based during the sass’s and at this time, women’s rights were being pushed. A lot of female opinion was shut out with the say of a man during this time period. The narrator spends a lot of her time retaining her thoughts and emotions toward her husband. Her sarcasm in the story is a sense of mild irony.

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In The ginning of the story she states “John laughs at me, of course, but one expects that” (Gillian 238). Assuming “one expects that” refers to one expecting that in a marriage, can make it seem sarcastic. It is sarcastic because in a marriage not taking the other seriously on certain views should not be taken lightly in a marriage, but the narrator seems to Just let it go by knowing her say will not make a difference. Her sarcastic ways of saying things is Just a mild sense of irony. There is a great deal of irony as the story continues.

It is ironic how she continues to believe that her husband “John” tells the narrator that he is taking her to a home that will help her get better, that it is Just a nursery for her to stay in. She is convinced that it is a nursery even when she realizes that the bed is nailed to the floor, bars on the window, rings hanging from the walls and she sees other people in the garden walking “creeping” Work Cited Gillian, Charlotte Perkins. “The Yellow Wall Paper. ” Backpack Literature: An introduction to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and Writing.

DE. X. J. Kennedy and Dana Socio. 4th De. New York: Longing, 2012. 562. Print (Gillian 250). These can all indicate that this room was used in the past to restrain people, possibly mentally ill patients. The symbolism in story is the yellow wall paper. Yellow wall paper is a mash up of this off yellow background and lines that curl and bend at certain points. The narrator does not seem to find any type of pattern or any reason why someone would ever design something of this nature.

Through out the story she feels like her motions are eating her alive, the only way she can relieve this burden is if she writes them down. She begins to the write them until it begins to exhaust her. As her mind begins to come apart she starts to see a women in the wall paper. The woman she women in a way is trapped behind bars like the narrator is trapped behind the bars of her window. The narrator does not fully lose her mind until the end, and it is until the end she rips the wall paper off the wall she loses her mind.

Her ripping the wall paper symbolizes her and the women in the wall paper becoming one. The women in the wall paper finally escapes from the wall and reaches the narrator. With them joining together, this symbolizes the narrator fully losing her mind. The Narrator shows us she has become like the other mental patients we she says “so that I had to creep to him every time”, creep like the other women she sees outside her window (Gillian 251). She has remained to herself for long that eventually being trapped in your mind affects ones mental health.

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