Classroom Observation and Reflection Paper Assignment

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Classroom Observation and Reflection Paper MTE/501 The Art of Science and Teaching Regis Lawrence For my classroom observation I had the opportunity of sitting in on a first grade regular education classroom. Listed below are the following that relates to the teacher’s classroom design. Teacher’s educational goals I asked for the teachers educational goals and wasn’t surprised that our goals shared some of the same objectives. In terms of teaching she wanted to provide the best education possible and go over and beyond the call of duty to make that a reality, without excuses.

Should a student need additional tutorial assistance due to performing below grade level she would set up a schedule to make those accommodations. Learning Environment The students where in a safe and nutiruting atmosphere. They were free from stress and I could visually tell they felt at easy with the teacher and fellow students. Classroom Procedure and Rules This was very interesting to watch. Their routine was to come in the class get settled and a student goes to the “Helping Hands” board and read off the assignment duties for the week.

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In regards to the rules, they knew to raise their hands to be recognized by the teacher. Should a student finish their work ahead of everyone they are to get additional work out of the remediation box. The thing that was truly amazing was they would cheer for their fellow classmates and say “good job and/or goog try”. They were very encouraging towards each other. Role of the Teacher The teacher’s role was to provide a safe and learning environment, encourage students to try to perform to the best of their abilities and facilitate the structure of the curriculum to meet the needs of the students and grade level standards.

I could tell she is very supportive to all her students and serve as a motivator because she is always encouraging them to do better and never give up. She also shared a story about her childhood with her students prior to the lesson in an attempt to draw a connection that they could relate to. Curriculum In regards to the curriculum the teacher simply kept what the standards for her grade level were in a visible place located in the classroom. Keeping the standards in a designated area is there for anyone (administator) to come into the class and see what you are working on.

Each day she would have a student read the standard that would be covered that day. The learning objectives were kept in plain sight on a sentence strip. Teaching Methods Throughout the lesson she would walk around and interact with the students to make should they were on task and understanding the assignment. She provided visual aids to assist in the lesson and allowed students to pair with each other in order to provide extra help. Students had to sit up straight in class and track the teacher while she was at the board during whole group instruction.

One thing I really loved because its someshing I do in my classroom. All students were required to raise their hands when asked a respond to a question regarding the lesson. Use of technology as a resource It is really amazing how excited students get with the possiblity of using the computer in the classroom to assist them with their lesson. The teacher added that she uses it as a reward system, stating how affective it is in maintaining order and control in the classroom.

Students knew how to navigate, go to various websites that were related to the lesson and create a folder in which to put their assignments in. They understood the concept of time management because their were allowed technology time in 20 minutes revolving incraments. Assessment The teacher gave a pre-assessment on the subject in order to gage where the students were to further assist in grouping strategies. I am a firm believer that students learn at different paces. By placing the students in ability groups was a great idea.

During the lesson, the teacher would give verbal assessments to ensure comprehension, allow the group to work collectively in solving a problem and before moving on to another subject she would write a problem down and have the students to complete it as an exit problem. This would be concluded with a homework assignment that was an extention of the lesson taught during the day. I felt that the students in the classroom I observed are in great hands and are bound for greatness. The classroom needs more teachers like that who cares and provide the passion and enthuasiam to teach our children.

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