Basic Concepts of Educational Measurement and Assessment Assignment

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“Basic concepts of educational measurement and assessment. ” Summary Measurement, Evaluation and Assessment, this are the three important things that a learner undergoes for the facilitator to determine a valid and reliable result of achievement. But what is the difference of the three? Can we really measure achievement? It yes, then now can we make sure that it Is valid? There are deferent kinds of evaluation and assessment, It Is not Just a series of test, continuous quizzes, seat-work and assignment that are given to learners to test If they were dabble to grasp and understand the lesson.

There Is d broader meaning when we talk about measurement, evaluation and assessment. Each of the three has Its own purpose and use: however. All tot the three are important. There can be a lot of questions when it comes to measuring a learner’s achievement but, this learning paper might help you understand more. Discussion l. Define 1. Measurement In academics, measurement refers to scores or result in an assessment It determines how much of the lesson the learner was able to understand. Measurement is typically used to measure the level of attainment of an individual in specific area like math, reading. Engage etc. Example: IQ of a person, Percentage scores and appraisal (very good! , good! ). 2. Evaluation Evaluation Is Annual”. It serves as an evidence of what the learner learned; it’s an ongoing process that is very important to make valid and reliable judgment There are two types of evaluation, Formative and summarize. Formative evaluation Is d continuous evaluation that determines the learner’s strengths, weaknesses and if you learned or not. On the other hand Summarize evaluation is the total evaluation tot what you learned. It is commonly used at the end of a term. Quizzes, Seawater, Recitation, Assignment. Ђћ 3. Assessment Assessment Is a Dorsa term, never a test Is an assessment Ana all tests are assessment. The difference of assessment to measurement and evaluation is that assessment is a compilation of evaluation (series of measures) that identifies the progress of a learner for the whole school year. Achievement Test, Final Exams… Etc. II. Measuring Achievement Can achievement be measured? How? Yes, everything can be measured when the “difference” exists. The difference is he improvement of the learner or anything that he/she learned. Achievement can be measured by using different kind of test.

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One of the most common tests is the Achievement Test. Ill. Achievement Test Achievement test is designed to assess how much knowledge a person has in a certain area or set of areas. – weeklies. Com Major Use: * A tool or exam that measures the achievement of a learner. * It contributes to the evaluation of learning progress. * Determine the appropriate grade level for students who are either new to the system or need to be reassessed. Limitations: * Not all skills are measured equally. * The test may not accurately reflect the objectives the test taker was learning.

The multiple choice type limits the creativity. Reflection Every type of assessment has its major use and limitation, all we need to do is to observe what kind of assessment will be more effective in a particular class. As teachers we must know that assessments can sometimes not give a reliable measure, in example you gave a quiz today and half of your students didn’t passed. There can be a lot of conclusion why half of the class failed. It can be because they did not study or they really didn’t understand your lesson or maybe they didn’t take the quiz seriously.

In that situation the results of the quiz can be unreliable. One more reason assessment is not that reliable is because in tests teachers are being “score oriented”, meaning they only rely on how many correct and wrong answers you were able to get. However, different assessment and a lot of evaluation will still give you the best reliable measure. Generalization When my group of friends talks about assessment many of us can’t easily give a definition. Why? I think because the word assessment has a very broad meaning.

Some say the assessment is a process of evaluating; some say that it is a compilation of evaluations; some say that it is a way of assessing using different evaluation as proof, the good thing there is that in every definition, assessment is kind of synonymous to the word evaluation. Based on my research “not all assessments achieve every single goals and objectives. ” – www. Utopia. Org I agree on that statement, simply because some assessment like “achievement tests” does not measure other creative skills, it only assure the IQ and the knowledge of the learner in a specific subject area.

Another reason is that test results depends on the learner’s performance. What if, (example) while having an exam the student feels sick, this may affect the mind-set of the test taker and it may cause failure even if the test taker studied. It seems that the validity and reliability of one’s assessment is based on the learner’s performance and the teacher’s kind of assessment. – What I mean is that there will always be an appropriate assessment in different classroom situation.

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