Assessment: Educational Psychology and Student Assignment

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There are different types of assessment they are formative, summarize, self- assessment, peer assessment, formal and informal assessment to assess the students, but I use theory, depend on what I want the assessment to accomplish, Gravels (2009: pa) states, “Assessment is a regular process: it might not always be formalized, but you will be noticing what your students are doing, asking them questions, and go over their progress”.

Though, effective assessment should take account of different learning styles, be constant in the method the same practices should be used with all students, by taken consideration of their thoughts, help allocates to assess their own lessons and develop formats for students to be able to assess teachers with sensitivity and share information across departments During my practical session use practical assessment for some task for a learning session according to the differentiation of the students I do assess the student on basis of the problem solving competence Assessment Is d nonstop process starts with the student’s first assessment.

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Throughout the initial assessment procedure student are resulted to complete a basic skills test for innumeracy, literacy and IT basic skills. The outcomes of this are feedback to the tutor and where needed they are offered support and help to Increase their skills. Scales (2008 Pl 95) states, “Feedback is an essential element In effecting communication between teachers and learners”. I use Minimal assessment to recognize a student current level of knowledge, It also gives me correct representation to the level of provision that they may need.

As soon as the student have started on the course formal and Internal considerations take place and a series to activities and practical examinations in order to assess their capability ND provide more intimation that may be used to develop their learning development. Gravels (2009 app) states, “All Learners need to know how they are progressing and what they have achieved. There are disadvantages to assessment, it is important for the tutor and student to make sure the assessment is carried out in a safe environment. Aka sure that all my students must follow their own insurance policies and salon procedures, I sometime assess student at their workplace, as their tutor I have to make sure it is safe to do so, I have to carry tout risk assessment, to heck for the first aid box. Fire extinguishers and fire procedures and health and safety certificates, legal responsibility insurance. It is essential to involve the student and others in the assessment procedure. As a tutor in the hairdressing department, I would have to be flexible to fit in with the salons opening times.

In order to assess a student I may require the assessor to work when they normally have practical session. If a student was particularly shy the assessor may have to go at quieter times ;n the salon to carry out an assessment. As a tutor In the hairdressing apartment, I need have a full understanding of my roles and responsibilities for record keeping In my department Record keeping Is an important key role of a teacher, use the record for student individual learning plan( LIPS of the courses I teach. I encourage Individual student to participate In using tracking grid for their learning.

I en tracking Greg Is Tort ten student to Keep a record AT tenet own development on what they have practiced in salon, this encourages the student’s development of their skills as they can track what they need to practice and when they will be ready for assessment. Students also reflect on what they have done, and what they can learn from after each session by completing an end of day form. The students have to state what they have learnt, what they liked the utmost and least and anything they have attained in the session.

Record allows me to share with the student’s their successful learning and recognize developmental needs and next steps. The records display the effectiveness of student’s progress and teaching in relation to achievement results and targets. It will assist me to report to other tutors and parents of their progress. With the help of the cord I am able to advise the management about attainment levels in class work. I give students a record book once registered on the course and it provide useful information of assessing the progress of the students’ attainment.

The record book, documents the student’s capability to carry out a variety of tasks. I use this record book to observe their progress and any areas the student may need more guidance. I explain to students about the policies document how important it is and to make sure students and others know what is expected and what they have to attain to gain the qualification. All students will work alongside the same policies so each student has to meet the same requirements to complete the qualification.

I also inform the students on how they must follow all the procedures that are in place, each assessment follows the same procedure and cannot be edited. Assessors work is try out by Avis to make sure each student is being treated fairly and equally that the assessment is following the criteria procedure. Students and tutors need to be aware of the students’ expertise, so help and additional teaching can be given to the student to pass assessment. If the students has not passed assessment this is consider with productive critics and help on areas the student has overlooked.

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