Athletes and Education Assignment

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Did you ever realize that In most of the cases numerous of athletes never graduate? It is sad to see young student athletes setting for much less education than they deserve. Nell H. Petrel In his essay is expressing himself against the attitude toward student athletes, and collegiate system. Petri said “the system uses and then discards after the final buzzer. ” I found It true because there Is so much pressure on athletes that It compromises their potential and academic careers. Petri addresses his essay to several audiences.

The primary aim of Potpie’s audiences, which mainly re: teachers, counselors, and coaches is to provide a professional help for students so they could get a good education. One of the Potpie’s audiences are teachers which are treating athletes with preferential treatment. The students have special attendance policies, because they miss a lot of classes. Also, they are allowed to take make-up tests and other alternative assignments. Furthermore, a special tutoring Is provided for them to catch up what they missed.

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The athletes are spending many hours on a road trips as well as practicing. This causes them to drain their physical and mental energies, which they need for studying. Petri wants the teachers to make sure that the student athletes are doing the work assigned. Beside that the teachers should let the student know when the work is not acceptable. Also the teachers suppose to inform the student where the improvement is needed, and how to improve to accomplish the best results. How can counselors contribute to the athlete’s careers?

Petri in his essay gave us example of John who had never received any advice about putting together a program that would lead him to a degree. Moreover, nobody ever told him what would it take to earn a degree. Sometimes, we don’t even realized how important is to get proper advice from the counselor and plan a coherent program in order to achieve success in college. Petri suggests that the counselors should spare an extra attention for the student athletes helping them choose right courses towards their degrees.

The next Potpie’s audiences are the coaches. Their general Job Is to have good athletes in a team. Also managing the practice and giving the helpful hints for athletes so they can win the games. Mostly, the coaches make the athletes to workout excessively on the gym, and on the field. However, the practice is not the only aspect that the coaches should focus on. On one hand, the coaches suppose to be involved little bit more with athletes. On the other hand they should also make sure that the pressure from practicing do not compromise athletes education.

In conclusion, the Petri addresses his essay to several audiences such as teachers, counselors, and coaches. Potpie’s examples and personal experiences as a student and teacher suggest what should be done to change the attitudes toward student’s athletes. The education is one of the priorities for student athletes, as well s victory In sport field. Although, the central Issue of Potpie’s audiences Is to make sure that the students athletes are getting suitable education.

The education will give them a chance to grow intellectually and to explore other opportunities on their way to success. Another Important eat a II Is Tanat ten students snouts not De uses Tort their abilities without gaining the education, support, and positive attitude from college. Obviously, it is very hard to balance practice and obtaining education at the same time. However, the only way to achieve our goals is by working hard on it in order to success in life.

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