Summary of Athlete and Education Assignment

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In “Athletes and Education”, Neil Petri states that colleges give the smallest amount of assignments for student athletes , and they receive the special compassion from the teacher. He takes mercy for student athletes by let them do their tasks and became famous college. The important thing to loose focus on the academic are the mental and physical energy by using the whole time for practicing.

In contrast , Pettier states that the special concentration that student athletes gain room teacher and provide make up homework , and extra class tutoring for theses. ” He shows his disapproval by requirement the qualification of athlete students of the Athlete department such as the proceed reports of them without depends on their successful. Petri agrees with athletes who have commitment on individual ways during school so they can be expert pros athletes.

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Petri states, “the system uses and then discards after the final buzzer. ” His strongly unapproved. He explains how influenced to the basketball stars at his university. Later that they played two years for the college. He would not create it to be pros, then backed to college, he tasked essentially the physical education classes and was not mean to get his degree. Within his time at the college, some problem such as how hard of their academic works, the entire of time for 2 practicing and commitment on road trips.

He says, “l was ashamed to be a part of the university that day. ” In my opinion, he wrote a persuasive and helpful essay of the view point about teacher with students athlete . He emphasis studying in college and assignments of them. He explains that, “the road trip is one of the main reasons that athletes receive a deficient education. I think about my athlete friend in my university, he is a soccer player and he is a leader too. All the times that he spends for his sport activity.

He studies many physical education and physical science, then he had some problem about academic classes. He spend a rest of time for exercising and practicing for other new athletes, so he always take the make up class. I find several points of many tasks that students athlete do. I interested about this because I have many friends are athletes, then I agree that they have to get extra help such as make up class and have some tutoring for them.

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