Time Management Skills: Sorting and Prioritizing Assignment

Time Management Skills: Sorting and Prioritizing Assignment Words: 264

A New Start For me, time management has always been difficult for me to budget in my life. Now adding another time consuming long term responsibility was and is still a challenge, but considering my weaknesses and strength to improve time management skills. Although planning is very helpful it also seems overwhelming, but motivation help subside the doubts and promotes my support. Try to divide the time that I have after work and the amount of time have before the assignment is due.

Then I plan the week and hope I follow through successfully with my many of tasks. I had to really make sure I read the entire assignments to review the objectives, materials and the rubric for accuracy of the instructor’s directions. Understanding and or comprehending the assignment can only put my time budgeting in consideration. It will help with sorting and proportioning time management skills; how long do I need to study, find additional resources if needed or writing a thesis which struggle with.

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The only difficulty had with module 1 through 6 was basically accessing assignments; eBook, the Nest practice test and downloading certain adobe file for compatibility of the assignments. I’m most proud of how comfortable I have gotten sharing my point of view, since I started this course. Truly did not think I would overcome my personality comfort zone. Would like know how my other classmates viewed their experience for this module? Do they experience the same feelings as me if not what and how was it any different than mine?

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