The Sorting Hat: a Twist of Fate Assignment

The Sorting Hat: a Twist of Fate Assignment Words: 1279

Harry Potter’s character is described as courageous, mindful, talented and with a thirst to prove himself by the sorting hat that could see deep into his mind. (Rolling, 121). Even though Harry feels inadequate, the sorting hat sees much more to Harry. His fate has been determined, but it’s up to Harry to overcome personal obstacles to fulfill his destiny at Hogwash’s showing that fate is not always superior to the human will.

When the sorting hat begins to analyze Harry, courage is the first characteristic mentioned. One of the first instances that this courage is displayed is in chapter nine when Harry takes on Malady for the Remembered that Manville had dropped when he fell and broke his wrist (Rolling, 149). Harry had Just been on the broom for the first time a few moments before. However, he knew that he had to take on Malady for Inveigles sake. The ultimate test of courage comes in the end of the book where Harry is trying to get past all the curses to keep the Sorcerer’s Stone safe.

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In the beginning, e had the help of his friends, but one by one, they were unable to help. First, Ron sacrifices himself in the chess game so that Heroine and Harry can advance across the room. Then, Harry must make the decision to send Heroine back from the potions room because there is only enough potion to get thru the fire for one person. This leaves Harry to fight Squirrel, and ultimately Voltmeter, alone. The second quality that the sorting hat shows about Harry is his mindfulness.

Though Harry struggles with his lessons at Hogwash’s, he is able to overcome more practical things with his mind. This can be seen early in the book, in chapter two, where Harry is able to remove the glass from the snakes habitat and frighten Dudley and his friend. At this time, Harry did not understand what he could do with his mind. Another example of Harry mindfulness comes in chapter thirteen, when after weeks of Harry, Heroine and Ron trying to figure out the puzzle of who Nicolas Flame was.

After giving Manville one of his Chocolate Frogs, he got one of Tumbleweed’s cards again and read the back explaining that Flame was a partner of Tumbledown (Rolling, 219). Harry is also mindful of his loyal friends, Manville, Heroine and Ron. On numerous occasions, he takes up for them. Talent is a characteristic by which Harry Potter is surprised. Before going to be sorted by the sorting hat, Harry is apprehensive. Not only does he feel that he is inadequate in whatever test he might have to accomplish for the house assignment, he also has little self-esteem due to his improper treatment growing up in the Tersely home.

One of the first instances that Potter’s talent can be seen occurs in chapter nine when the students are having their first class in riding a broom. Though, Harry has never even thought about riding a broom, u to him not knowing he was a wizard to begin with, he rides it flawlessly the first time. In fact, he rides it so well, that he is able to take on Malady when he takes Inveigles Remembered (Rolling, 149). Harry talent of broom riding only grows when he is the youngest player to be put on a Acquitted team.

His role as Seeker is tested as he begins to play for the Girlfriend house. In chapter thirteen, Harry talent as a Seeker shines when he catches the Snitch in record time, winning the game for indoor (Rolling, The last characteristic that the sorting hat mentions about Harry is his thirst to rove himself. This comes from his rough upbringing with the Durables. They are the only family that he has ever known, but they don’t treat him as such. They keep him in the cupboard under the stairs until Harry finds out that he is a wizard, when they are suddenly afraid of him.

But they still don’t treat him properly. Even after his first year at Hogwash’s, he comes home for the summer. They still treat him like an outsider. Harry knows that his home is no longer with the Durables, it is at Hogwash’s (Shampoo Editorial Team. Family). It’s the only place he feels at home. All this Just fuels is desire to prove himself. Because Harry struggles with his studies, he strives to prove himself elsewhere, such as a an accomplished Acquitted player in chapter 13. He also proves himself when he is able to defeat Squirrel in the last chapter.

However, one of the most important ways he proves himself is by being a loyal friend. When he and Ron accidentally lock the troll in the girls’ bathroom, where Heroine is hiding, he is quick to react and unlocks the door to save Heroine, even thought it could put himself in harm’s way. In chapter six, Harry is shows his loyal friendship to Ron when he has the opportunity to share (Shampoo Editorial Team. Friendship). All of these characteristics of Harry are important in the role he plays in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

However, another important aspect of Harry is the role of fate. Webster Dictionary defines “fate” as “the will or principle or determining cause by which things are believed to come to be as they are or events to happen as they do: destiny’ (“Fate” deaf. 1). Fate is first displayed in chapter seven when the sorting hat is assigning each of the first year students to their prospective houses. It’s obvious that it’s not Just fate that is involved in this process when it’s Harry turn and he is adamant about not wanting to go to Slithering (Rolling, 121).

The sorting hat follows Harry desire and puts him in Girlfriend instead. Not only does fate put Harry in Girlfriend, it puts friends, that he will later need in order to save the Sorcerer’s Stone, along with him. Harry need Heroine because she has read so much about Hogwash’s and is so knowledgeable. She is also very logical which comes in handy in the chapter seventeen where she figures out the potion for passing wrought the fire. Harry also needs Ron because of his foreknowledge due to his older brothers that have attended Hogwash’s ahead of him.

Ron also keeps Harry educated in things of wizardry that he should already know. Another display of fate is Tumbleweed’s knowledge of Harry powers. Because of this, he gives Harry the invisible cloak. He knows that Harry is going to need that in order to capture the Sorcerer’s Stone. Fate also plays a part in Harry success as a Seeker in Acquitted. This allowed him to also be good at getting the right key for the trap door later in heaper seventeen. The ultimate plot of fate is the relationship between Harry and Voltmeter. Harry didn’t have a choice.

Voltmeter killed Harry parent’s and tried to kill Harry, but failed. This set the steps for Harry. Either he would have to kill Voltmeter himself, or Voltmeter would kill him. There were no other options. There are many things that come into play in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The sorting hat establishes important qualities that Harry encompasses: courage, mindfulness, talent and a thirst to prove himself. These characteristics work gather with fate to ensure that Harry will be able to meet his destiny of rescuing the Sorcerer’s Stone.

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