Time Management Reflection Assignment

Time Management Reflection Assignment Words: 345

What are some things you can do more efficiently? The first question pertains to what are some things I can do more effectively. Sticking to a schedule Will help me accomplish more. Designating a specific time for studies will certainly keep me on track. Avoiding late night homework and studying will help me be more successful. Focusing on my work during the mornings on weekends will lead to more quality work. 2. What are the main items/tasks that take up most of your time?

During the week, the activities that take up the majority of my time occur during am and pm. The activities are my career and preparing my children for school and bed. Depending on my work flow I may work up to 9 hours. During the weekend family activities and appointments take up the majority of my time. 3. Do you see areas in your daily routine where you can make adjustments to become more productive? With a busy work schedule and family life, organization will e vital.

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I must make more of a conscious effort to put my children to bed earlier. Putting children to bed earlier during the week will provide an additional productive hour that may be dedicated to my graduate work. 4. Do you have any “black holes” that unnecessarily suck up a lot of your time? Television consumption happens to be my biggest black hole which usually causes me to waste a lot of time during the week and weekends.

Designating he first 2-3 hours of weekend mornings strictly to graduate work will help keep me on track. When initially saw the time recording assignment, I did not think much of it. Immediately I began to reflect on how manage time on a daily basis. I noticed that don’t leave a lot of time to myself for completing task. This exercise has certainly changed my perspective on the importance of time management. Having a strict schedule will lead to a higher degree of success on the graduate level.

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