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Complete all the columns in the worksheet. 3. Identify two main discoveries you made about how you spend your time – based on the 3-day sample from the Topic 2 Time- Monitoring Worksheet. Recopy them on this worksheet. Also, note what you spent more and/or less time doing than you thought you would. Write these also. Here is an example: Actions Goal Action Plan Change my time management plan: How can it support achieving my goals? Personal Take 2 hours a day to do what want! Academic Study at least 3 hours per day during the week. Professional Read in professional publications 2-3 hours a week.

Personal Goal Academic Goal Professional Goal Lose weight. Keep my GAP high. Be the best worker I can and get a raise. Specific Lose 20 pounds. Keep my GAP above 3. 9. Do all my required tasks, as well as others I don t have to do and can get a raise in 3 months. Measurable Loose the 20 pounds in the next 3 months. Until school in finished, take college level entrance exams to shorten the length of school time I have. We have evaluations every three months to see our progress, or not! Attainable Losing the weight will not make me too skinny and is a healthy weight to loose in 3 months.

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All have to do is study my CLUE study guide and pay $80 per test. This goal will be simple since get along with everyone, usually. Realistic could lose more and overdo it and be unhealthy, but this weight goal is perfect for my body type. Can take a year off of my amount of school time to graduation by a year doing these tests. It is my reality, right now. Timely have given myself enough time, so as to not get discouraged. Doing these tests should be fairly easy and less expensive. This is a great long-term goal for any job with which you can advance anyhow Main Discoveries

This “writing down your goals” is great! I seem like I have made a difference in my life a considerable amount. Starting school was the first step, now writing my goals and achieving them is giving me a wonderful ego boost that I have been looking for. I am headed in the right direction and can stay this way with this paper to remind me! Morel-sees Time Than Thought It doesn’t take long to make the decisions for the goals’ steps at all! Personal Accountability Plan Instructions: Making a time management plan that helps achieve your goals is relatively easy. Sticking to the plan is the difficult part.

That is why the Personal Accountability Plan is so important. 1. To help you be personally accountable for your goals, you will apply four actions, based on your Time Monitoring and Goal Setting assignment. 2. Look at the first action, “Change my time management plan. ” To complete the plan, you must identify an “Action Plan,” that is, a plan for implementing the action – for each of your three goals. Here is an example: Personal Change my time management plan: How can it support achieving my goals. Could lose weight more quickly and be happier and healthier faster.

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