Critical thinking and research skills in management Assignment

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Check your assignment ruefully prior to submission using the assessment criteria. Please use the headings shown below when writing up your Assignment Assessment Criteria Context Briefly describe your organization and what it does. (min 5 marks required from 10 available) Context of assignment is Think critically and conduct research in relation to leadership and management practice Critically review an influential theory or model of best practice widely used by managers and leaders that is relevant to your own role.

You should review the theory or model of best practice in depth, analyzing he position of the source, key perspectives, propositions and/or assumptions and the contextual relevance. Formulate your own hypothesis and make conclusions linking these to your own role. Undertake research that is relevant to your own role to inform own management and leadership practice. You need to consider the conclusions made in relation to your own role. Select at least one of these conclusions and investigate further to gain additional knowledge and understanding.

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Use the additional knowledge and understanding gained to inform your own leadership and management practice. Min 45 marks required from 90 available) An influential theory or model of best practice widely used by managers and leaders that is relevant to own role has been critically reviewed Research that is relevant to own role has been undertaken to inform own management and leadership By submitting I confirm that this assessment is my own work MARK SHEET: REFLECTIVE REVIEW: MM. 02 1. Learner named below confirms authenticity of submission. 2. ELM uses learners’ submissions – on an anonymous basis – for assessment standardization.

By submitting, I agree that ELM may use this script on indention that all information which may identify me is removed. However, if you are unwilling to allow ELM use your script, please refuse by ticking the box: Criteria Strengths Areas for Improvement USSR mark CA mark Context of assignment is provided 110 marks (min 5) management and leadership practice /90 marks (min 45) Assessors decision Quality assurance use Total marks Outcome (circle as applicable) (circle as applicant bled) Total 50 + overall, AND minimum in each section PASS/REFERRAL Section referral if applicable: Date of IQ check: Name of assessor:

Name of IQ: Assessor signature and date: IQ signature: ELM EVE signature: Date externally verified (where applicable): CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Methodology 3. Findings 4. Context 5. Impact to the organization culture 6. Effect on management functions 7. Application and the importance of the theory X & Y 8. Conclusion 9. Bibliography INTRODUCTION This report is designed to identify and to critically review Theory X and Y (Douglas McGregor) which is practiced widely managers and leaders of the Marriott International Company.

The reason for presenting the task is to search that is relevant to own role has been undertaken to inform own management and leadership. METHODOLOGY A variety Of sources had been used to write this report. The sources include books, e-books, journals, and internet where the information was abstracted. This assignment had been critically reviewed an influential theory of McGregor which is best practiced widely by managers and the leaders, but also finishes with conclusion and the bibliography.

FINDINGS Marriott International Company is one of the largest lodging companies in the world. J. Willard Marriott and Alice S. Marriott is the founder of this company in 1 927 at Washington DC. This multinational company consists with more than 3,700 properties in more than 73 countries and territories. Almost 300,000 people are working under the Marriott flag around the world. Currently Marriott international Company has the most popular lodging brands, ranging from budget services to luxury hotels and resorts.

JAW Marriott, the Ritz-Carlton, EDITION, Autograph Collection, Renaissance, AC hotels by Marriott, Residence Inn Courtyard, Townspeople Suites, Fairfield Inn & Suites, are few famous brand names which are operated and franchised tools under the Marriott umbrella. Marriott International is accepted as a great place to work because of its social responsibility, commitment to diversity and community engagement. It has been named to Fortune’s lists of most admired companies, best places to work and top companies for minorities.

Management style of the Marriott International has built a highly regarded culture that emphasizes the importance to its internal customers and identifies the value they bring to the organization. CONTEXT Theory X &Y is a famous management style which was proposed by an American social psychologist, named Douglas McGregor in 1960. This is a theory which is commonly motivating and managing people and at the same time it helps to improve positive management techniques. McGregor propose two basic approaches which is theory X and theory Y to manage people.

Theory X IS an authoritarian management style while theory is a participative management style. Theory X represents the negative view of human nature while theory Y shows the positive view of the human nature. The managers or leaders have two approaches when dealing with these two different human natures. After the Hawthorne experiments in asses and 1 sass, the relation to human nature with management was found. Management pioneers like Bedrock Taylor and Henry Payola emphasized human related issues such as supervisory style, career satisfaction and group norms and culture.

Theory X and Y has been used to develop the management standards to increase productivity by increasing employees’ job satisfaction. The key perspective is that satisfied employees will be more productive when comparing to the provoked employees. Douglas McGregor (1906-1964) is a psychologist who is the resident of Antioch College 1948-1954. He has shown in his article of “The Human Side of Enterprise” and the 1960 book, a new idea called the new humanism.

According to McGregor, he has demonstrated that management was based on three main propositions, which he introduced under theory X: 1) Responsibility of the management is to organize the components of enterprise such as financial resources, equipment, materials, and people-in the interests of economic ends. 2) With regard to employees, this is a technique of motivating them, directing their efforts, modifying their behavior, controlling their actions to fit the organization needs. 3) Without this dynamic involvement of the management, people would be passive-even resistant to the organization requirements.

Therefore they must be persuaded, punished, controlled, rewarded and directed. According to these propositions, McGregor explicit assumptions which are stated in the mythology about human nature. Addition to that, it is assumed that human beings are easily controlled and manipulated. He has identified, the methods of X theory management style supervision, coercion and tight controls. Because of these reasons he called this style as “hard”. This type of management will lead to mutual distrust, unionism, restriction of output and even sabotage.

McGregor introduced another major propositions which is included in theory enterprise such as financial resources, materials, equipment, and people-in the interest s Of economic ends. 2) Nature Of the people is not passive or resistant to the organizational requirements. They have become like that because of the experience in the organization. 3) The potential for development, emotion, readiness to direct behavior toward organizational alls and capacity for assuming responsibility are all present in people management does not put them there.

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