Critical Thinking AndEthics Assignment

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Critical thinkers decisions are only based on precise facts and logical thinking but being a skilled critical thinker, decisions are made when the information is clear with being open and willing to alternative results based on collaboration and facts. The process To be a critical-thinker, you must be flexible and ask a wide range of questions to make your judgment. Benjamin Bloom, a psychologist, named six levels bethinking called “Taxonomy of Educational Objectives” (Becoming a master student, chip 1, pig 55) Level 1- Remembering: Can I recall the key terms or facts?

Level 2- Understanding: Can I explain this idea in my words to someone else? Level 3- Applying: Can use this idea to produce a desired result? Level 4- Analyzing: Can I divide this idea into parts, groups, or steps? Level 5- Evaluating: Can rate the truth, usefulness or quality of this idea- and give reason for it? Level 6- Creating: Can I invent something new based on this idea? Asking these questions and going through the critical thinking process will help you with making better critical and ethical judgment and understand he material or situation, if used outside of school.

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Ethics Ethics are the beliefs the individual has of what is right and wrong. When making decisions, people rarely ever use critical thinking or ethical thinking alone. We use both moral judgment and facts depending on the situation. Example, someone might say it is wrong to break into a person’s car, Another person will say if there is a dog locked in there on a hot day, then it k too. The way you were raised, your beliefs and morals have everything to do with our decision making abilities in your social life and your professional life.

Bloodspots Everyone has something that holds them back, me on the other hand, according to the Ethical lens inventory, am satisfied with too little good. At times I fail to be accountable to those who are depending on me. Becoming complacent, I tend to leave problems unsolved. Not only in my professional field but also in my relationships outside of work. I tend to listen to my intuition to determine the greatest good for each individual.

If I do not feel tryingly for the decision then I will not make it, I always put other people before myself. Ending conclusion Getting ahead in school or work requires dedication and taking risk. Without creativity you will be stuck in your same ways and unable to make the best possible decisions you can. Learning the critical thinking process will help you become more creative and learn which questions you need to ask and think about to fully understand the situation or assignment. Think outside the box and open your mind to new experiences.

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