Critical thinking and ethics Assignment

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The connection between critical thinking and ethics is that there is no general rule regarding the application of ethic in many situations. Culture and location play a tremendous role in the determination of the exact ethical consideration to apply to a situation; a process that can be enhanced by the application of critical thinking.

For example it can be seen in the business world where something is accepted in one country and may cause problems ND back fire to something serious in another. The principals and rules aren’t applicable bled to ethical reasoning. Critical thinking is all about making things clear, reasoned judgment. During critical thinking process everything should be reasoned and well thought out. Ethics is all about the equality of women and men , human or natural rights, obedience to law etc. As seen critical thinking and ethics are two totally different things.

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Critical is all about judgment and reasoning and ethics is all about rights, and law dealing with he government If everyone followed the rules and guidelines of logic there should not be an ethical decision making. If everyone all abide by these rules and know all the consequences then why have to make a decision. Everyone should know what’s wrong and what’s right , so if something was to go wrong with a person braking the law they should suffer consequences for what they have done. No one should have to waste their time to make a decision if everyone knows and follow these rules and guidelines.

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