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Firstly I would like to introduce myself to you. My Name is Shandell McAndrew. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary). Working as an Individual Support Assistant (I. S. A) at Jingili Primary School has given me a sense of direction in what I want to achieve. I work with a number of children from all ages and who require additional help with their learning.

After working at this school for 5 years, I have now decided to have a career in teaching as it is very rewarding to see children achieve in all aspects of their learning and I would like in the future to be able to help them achieve this as well. Employability skills I have already acquired and which I bring with me as I start my university studies are: communicating effectively, listening to others, being reliable, committed, and working in a team environment. I gained these skills through having great role models such as my family whilst growing up.

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From my experiences working in a school I have improved on these employability skills. As I am currently working in a team environment I needed to possess this skill because you are working collaboratively together with other staff members to achieve the best learning outcomes for the students as well as other curriculum areas that are beneficial for your school and the wider community. I am committed to giving children the best learning journey that I am capable of giving and teachers need to be committed in providing the best for their students.

Throughout my university studies I need to be committed to my studies in order for me to graduate. Listening skills are also important in not only listening to your student’s needs and wants but to listen to advice from other staff members. Throughout my university studies I need be able to listen to my lecturers if I want to improve my grades. Teachers need to be reliable by being on time to class, having programs handed into the senior staff as there are deadlines to be met etc.

This skill is vitally important in my university studies as there are lectures to attend and also deadlines for when my assignments are due. All of these attributes are essential as your employment options may be limited if you do not possess any of these skills. I know I already access these skills but there is always room for improvement. There are some employability skills I do need to develop and improve on which will be vital for me in my chosen profession. I need to improve my time management skills, planning, organising and technology.

Time management and organisation skills are vital for a teacher to possess as you need to have lessons well organised before they commence, otherwise the lessons will not flow smoothly. Through the course of my university studies, time management skills are important as you may have assignments from all of your units due around the same time. Having planning skills is essential in being a teacher as teachers do a lot of planning throughout the year such as programming for lessons, unit of work etc. My university studies require me to plan for my assignments before submitting my final copy.

Technology is important with a lot of classrooms now have interactive white boards in their class which are expected to be used within your program. Teachers are also required to put their students’ assessment data on ce-tool, mark the roll using SAMS, type and print your program, writing reports etc. Technology has become more important than ever in today’s society as everything is accessed through the computer. As most of my studies are to be completed externally, through my computer I have to access my assignment information, my lectures name, discussion board and also submit my assignments through learnline.

I will definitely be able to improve in all of these skills listed above throughout the course of my university studies which will require me to have great time management and to be able to plan and organise my study time. This semester one of my core units is computing so I am looking forward to learning something new and becoming computer literate. ———————– 2011 CUC100 X 14082011 2 14/08/2011 Shandell McAndrew Shandell McAndrew Insert Assignment Details Here Academic Literacies [email protected] com 4 Cameron Cresent Jingili Mia Christensen 89481245 State N. T 943085

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