The Bronx Masqurade Assignment

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Each person faces a obstacle that stand in their way. Each poem gives a brief description what Of stands in their Way. Each teen has a different view on life. One example is Wesley “Bad Boy” Boone. In the beginning he does not complete a NY of his homework assignments. He has one friend name Tyrone who does not like SC wool. His poem is about someone who he respects.

One quote that he said was “It’s my honor and pleasure to salute you, a true Renaissance man of Harlem. This quote ex plains how he looks up to a figure of authority who is a true and respected man. The next example is a character named Tyrone Battings. Tyrone at first struggles with hi s life, he does not enjoy school, has a bad childhood because of his father’s passing awe ay. He thinks that he has no opportunity in the future. As the book continues he real zees that he wants to have a future as a song writer. His poems talk about cherishing life, a ND his friend’s experiences. It’s me, Tyrone, up here all alone rapping into a micron hone ’cause I’ve got something to This has to do with his future because h e is say hat he has a future and how he wants t be a rapper or songwriter. The next e example is Diamond Jordan. She likes to draw faces with charcoal pastel, she is friends wit Tannins. She is the tallest girl in her school. Her father wants her to play bask eatable but she is not very good at it. “l hate always being the tallest girl in school. Every odd expects me to play basketball, so they pick me for their The next e Devon Hope.

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Devon is tall, in basketball his nickname is “Jump Shot”. He has a love for reading and his older brothers. The only reason people like him is because he is good at basketball,”But its not you they like. Its Mr.. To end this re ally like this idea because it shows different views and opinions from people. Page 2 Devon Hope reminds me of a friend that’s name is Boo Pam. For example, the both like to play basketball, ” I got good height and good hands, and that’s a f This relates to my friend, Boo, because he has good handles and is really tall f or his age.

Also, Boo is good at shooting which Devon is good at for his nickname is ” Jump Shot. ” Another quote of how they both can be related is that they both love to read. “My English teacher has got us studying the Harlem Renaissance, which means we eve to read a lot of poetry. That suits me just This quote explains how Boo loves to read and they both hide it as well. Boo also shows compassion toward reading g which he hides and is embarrassed by his friends. Another thing is that, they both care and love their friends which Devon calls them their brothers.

Boo also love all of his Fri. ends and he cherish them really well. Devon also knows how a person feel, and bases a persons on their looks. Boo does things that are similar to that. Another example is W isles Boone he reminds me of a friend named his name is Kennedy Unguent. He re minds me of my friend because he does his homework on certain things and he loves to write and read poems and write them. “l anti particular about doing homework you undo restart”. Wesley is related to my friend because my friend doesn’t always enjoy home Org but on some occasion he does.

To end it both of my friends are related to the chi erecters in the book because of the things they do like if they are good at basketball or d onto like doing homework. They are also alike because they act the same way. Page 3 The setting of the book is important because it tells you where the students a room and how they act. For example, one of the setting is in a school where the e students go to and take place where the violence happen. “School anti nothing but a joke… These white folks talking ’bout some future like I got one! (7). This quota e shows how the setting effects Tyrone Battings because he doesn’t think he has a futz re by staying in school. Also, this setting shows how Tyrone is living a bad life with h is education and his life going downhill for him. Another example is how New You ark City is very violence, “l be lucky if I make it to twenty without these fools running round with Sacks. ” (8). This explains how Tyrone is scared how New York City has pee people with guns and running around with it like toys.

Also, the setting shows how it affects Tyrone and how it makes him paranoid if when he goes outside, making him t hind if he can survive until he is 21. Lastly, the setting is important because it affects how they behave; it affects h owe they behave because if a teen lived in a bad neighborhood then the teen would gar owe up thinking it is the right thing to do. Page 4 Being tall doesn’t mean that you are good at basketball. This is very realistic cause Diamond Jordan is one of the tallest people in the school, and she doe isn’t want to play basketball when she grows up.

But her father wants her to join the WEB A. ” I hate always being the tallest girl in school. Everybody picks me to play basketball, s o they pick me for their team, throw me the ball, and wait for me to shoot. Big mists eke. I fumble it every time. Then they have the nerve to get mad at me, like I did it on purport SE! But basketball is not my.

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