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‘Describe different types of team and the benefits of teams for an organization’ Within this assignment, I will be describing different types Of teams and the benefits that they can have within an organization. A team is when people come together to complete a goal or target. All of these following teams have their own benefits. Small businesses have small teams, this is however still true within Shingle’s. In these teams all of their views have more of an opportunity to have their thoughts listened to. Which can mean they are more work focused.

As there is less distractions and less confusion which can mean that the work is completed in some cases to a better standard. Another key benefit is communication, as especially within a smaller business like Chenille’s things needed to be communicated to be able to get information across. These teams are mainly informal which gives more Of a relaxed atmosphere. Within a project team most of the time there is one leader and this team is probably only together for short period of time. In a project team they have to work effectively to be able to have their goals reached. Functional teams are within the departments of a business.

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Departments can include; sales, administration and finance. These teams can help a business to run smoothly which can improve their performance. Also if the staff feel motivated then they are more likely to work harder. Within these teams have specialist skills and knowledge which can give different views and opinions that can bring new thoughts into an organization. Within Chenille’s this is already in place even though they are smaller departments of one or two people. Another benefit of functional teams is that because of the department they can tend to be more organizes than other teams could be. Formal teams can be very different.

These teams can be very serious and show clear roles, with more of a professional way of working. The way staff would present their ideas and also themselves would need to be well researched and presented. This means that the quality of work would be of a higher quality than maybe other teams could produce. Large teams can take work but the end results can be mainly positive. It can become possible for the work to be spread around out around the team and eventually a quicker finish than what a smaller team would have. Another benefit would also be hat they can form sub-teams which means that they work well together.

Large teams also mean that there is more ideas brought to the table but also that there is probably more employee experiences to take from previous jobs or just through age. Informal teams tend to have more of a laid back way of working, where people can raise their thoughts no matter what is said. They also can tend to be more of a positive and friendly environment to work in. Within an informal team there is more chance of knowing each others strengths which can mean that can be less pressure on the team. These benefits together make more Of a personalized team.

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