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This organization’s sole motive is to supply quality manpower to its clients who are chief leading oil companies in the AAU. It is also committed to provide staff and various fields of experienced and selected employees to other major project around the emirates as well.

Some of their activities include; representing major organizations pertaining to Onshore & Offshore companies, supplying of recruited manpower to oil and gas fields, Environment, Health and Safety. This organization is built upon a policy that it strictly follows, and that is to supply clients and its recipient’s proper and decent services, by seeking to fall towards a consideration for long-term contracts and agreements. Additionally, this company also bases its policy to be able to offer the uppermost competent candidates at the shortest enlistment time whenever or wherever the need for staffing and recruitment rises.

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SAA Technical & Specialized Services Establishment as a staffing and manpower supply organization will always strive to make available legitimate and proper solutions that will assist clients in attaining distinction in their purposes and ambitions. A Profitable Organization SAA Technical & Specialized Seen/ices Establishment is a for-profit or rather a profitable organization which conducts business for the purpose of generating income or profit which can be either used for personal benefits or further investment to expand the business or improve it technologically.

The Asia logic behind this organization being a for-profit company is because, to initiate and conduct a business of this sort requires huge amount of investment and capital which may be taken on the basis of debt which becomes a liability in time to come, and hence this organization is a profitable organization. 1. 2 Vision, Mission and Values (Methods adopted to achieve their Mission Vision The vision set for this organization is to attain and become a successful recruitment agency pertaining to various major companies in the United Arab Emirates by supplying qualitative man power whenever and wherever squired. To be the first choice for recruitment and manpower supply service for major, government and semi-government organization in the United Arab Emirates” Mission Statement SAA Technical & Specialized Services Establishments primary mission is to uphold economic and cost-effective development and constancy via the deliverance and coordination of employee’s services which will encompass the following: Strategic growth assignment services Short-term wages sustenance Employees information Shifting employee related fields and training services Values Morally Principled Honesty in terms of words and deed s

Respectful treatment Perform business activities honestly and effectively Create trustworthy relationship with clients Career Accomplishment by providing valuable contributions towards the community Recognize client’s prospects Deliver promised obligations Acquire initiative with a mindset towards clear business obligations Seek to improve business processes Satisfying by building an atmosphere for significant work, where a single person, team, and assistance are acknowledged, appreciated, and rewarded.

Work and function as a team Build up common reliance amid the staff and other stakeholders Exchange resplendence explicitly, straightforwardly, regularly, and thoughtfully Partake in conducting decisions Persuade sharing of thoughts and ideas Secure – Afford a harmless and safe job environment.

Conducting business in a safe and secure manner Be accountable and responsible for all actions and deeds committed Methods employed to attain their mission: To achieve their mission, they plan to: Collaborate with stakeholders such as the government executives , employees and owners Expand and authorize employees Develop their procedures Embrace modern technological solutions and expertise Constant neatly renovate the organization . Types of Business (Services): SAA Technical & Specialized Services Establishment is a service provider in terms of providing staff for various organizations such as major oil and gas companies in both offshore and onshore such as NBC, ADAM – PEPCO ( ABA Dhabi Marine operating Company SAGAS, DDCD ( ABA Dhabi company for onshore oil operations ) , CODA, ADMAN BOO, TAKER, GASES, TOTAL and AND ( National Drilling Company). This organization provides staff pertaining to the following fields; Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Civil Engineers, Computer Engineers, Auto Electricians,

Mechanical Technicians, Crane Operators, Labors, Forklift Operators, Drivers, Mechanical Fitters, Instrument Technicians, Heavy Duty Mechanics, Electrical Technicians and Vehicle Inspectors. 1. 4 The Organization chart and the kind of differentiations they used: The organizational chart of this particular organization is displayed below. SAA Technical & Specialized Services Establishment is an organization that follows the functional level strategy pertaining to the hierarchical level of strategy.

This means that information or rather the chain of command flows room top level management to the middle management and then towards the other employees in the lower level management. The Type of differentiations that the organization follows known as functional differentiations, where each department performs according to the instructions received from top level management. For example: Human Resources department, finance Department, Public relation department, and operations department. Organizational chart pertaining to this organization is shown below: 1. 5 Description of the business environment (Pest & SOOT analysis): SOOT ANALYSIS

This particular strategic analysis tool helps to scan an organizations internal and external environment. The elements of the internal environment are the strengths and weaknesses of the organization whereas, the elements of the external environment are opportunities and threats of the same discussed organization. Conducting a SOOT analysis on SAA Technical & Specialized Services Establishment provided the following analyzed results: INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT Strengths This organization has employed well experienced and dedicated management team which makes regular operations to be conducted effectively.

The location of this organization is easily reachable by clients as it is within the city limits. The organization is well versed in terms of usage of technology for their operations management as well as client relationship management. The relationship of this organization with major oil and gas industry based company makes it an ultimate strength compared to other manpower supply and recruitment agencies. Weaknesses This organization does not have other branches in other emirate which makes expansion and reach difficult for many other clients in other emirates.

The company keeps too many employees who are redundant which proves expensive and hence it is costly. The organization only deals with their current contracts and does not provide any effort to obtain more contracts with other major or minor companies or rather does not try to diversify itself. EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT Opportunities The organization is ISO certified which means their quality of performance has been measured and has been accredited and hence it has better chances of obtaining bigger and better contracts with major companies across the United Arab Emirates.

SAA Technical & Specialized Services Establishment is a very old and experienced organization in its field and hence would give a better chance for newer clients to trust this agency rather than other new available agencies. The retreats International recruitment agencies could penetrate the market and take over. Recession or rather financial crisis can cause the closure of this business. PEST ANALYSIS A PEST analysis strategic tool helps and organization determine the external factors that may affect it positively and negatively and also the significance of each factor for the future Of the organization.

Political Factors Government Rules and Regulations pertaining to issuing visas and labor permits such as: issuance of security passes permits for working on-site, optima card and labor card. Laws and Legislations pertaining to the number of employees that can be recruited. Economical Factors Recession or financial crisis leads to loss of jobs and also reduces business. Unemployment rate is unpredictable and is a random phenomenon. Inflation rate may affect the salaries that are paid to the employees and it may also affect the organization during a long term due to increase in average costs of Asia resources.

Social Factors Education is a factor to be considered as employing for a certain field of work does require some exposure via education and some experience. Age is a general factor which plays a major role in determining what age of employees should be chosen for what field of work. For instances, the starting age for working within the AJAX is 21 years old, but many other jobs require about 25 years or older employees to perform functions in an experienced manner. Job Opportunities depends from time to time due to the variable changes in economic conditions of the AJAX.

A higher job demand shows better economic activity. Technological Factors A superior technological infrastructure would direct to efficient and effective performance Of daily operations such as recruitment and allocation logistics, which in turn saves cost and increases profitability. Proper technology is a crucial factor for recruitment procedures improvement, enhanced management, and better company promotion. Such as updated information technology and electronic systems used in the organization for updating employee’s information and details.

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