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The purpose of this assignment is to help you explore the design and conduct of human resources function and to make a recommendation to senior management to address (1) recruitment and selection, (2) training and development, and (3) performance appraisal.. Expectations You are expected to read the case from the textbook (Google on p. 645) and identify the HER issues present in the company. Next, you will develop a set Of recommendations for Google to improve the organization and write a report to the company addressing the issues.

Your finished case should be in PAP format. Your paper will have a cover page, body, and references (if needed). The body of your paper will be four to six pages in length and will integrate material from all the chapters we have covered to date and material from other courses you have completed. Since this is a professional report, I will grade for grammar and professional writing. I suggest you take your paper to the Academic Achievement Center for assistance with English if you know you may have challenges in that area.

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You may also want to run your paper through Seafaring before turning it in for a grade. Directions Read the case study on Google that begins on page 2 of this document and answer the question below in your report to the company. You should approach this assignment as though you are a consultant and your objective is to make specific recommendations to address the issues raised in the case. Once you have completed your work, upload the case to Blackboard using the assignment for a grade.

One of the great challenges at a new, innovative company such as Google is the ability to manage talent. Develop a performance management plan that addresses the following HER functions specifically for the job of project manager: (1 ) recruitment and selection, (2) training and development, and (3) performance appraisal. You should devote one or two pages to each of these functions (total of 3-6 pages for the case study). Be sure to tie your program into job analysis and consider any legal implications of the system you develop.

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