Do You Use Your Mobile Phone Every Day Assignment

Do You Use Your Mobile Phone Every Day Assignment Words: 275

Do you use your mobile phone every day? Since we got into the era of mobile phones, the world completely changed. This quote describes it in a perfect way: I’ll admit that sometimes I do miss the simple life before mobile phones existed. Being connected to the world at all times comes with an incredible number of perks, but it has huge disadvantages, too. I agree with this statement, because we wouldnt be able to live without mobile phones right ow, but it would be pleasant to cutoff from the world for a little while.

For example in my family when my mom was young she didnt have mobile phone, when I was 10 years old my mom bought me my first phone. My grandmother never worried about my mom. This was an era without cell phones. Unfortunately every time I went to play with my friends, had my phone in my pocket that my mom could control where I was, and if I didn’t pick up the phone, she was mad at me. Now when I’m 18 years old check my hone all the time for some information from my friends on Facebook or other social apps.

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We are controlled by devices all the time in 21st century. We only use short answers or slang According to many people from my school they suffer in written assignments because of this. We have problems with writing essays. Consequently I agree with this quote, there are perks and disadvantages. In my conclusion we should always rest form the unnecessary information. We should read more books and develop our language.

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