Nanotechnology in Mobile Phones: Ubiquitous Computing Assignment

Nanotechnology in Mobile Phones: Ubiquitous Computing Assignment Words: 667

Mobile devices are a form of ubiquitous computing and are flooding our society. (Postal, 2009) Every year new and Improved phones are created and obsolete phones are recycled or destroyed. Monika has inspired to create a phone that has morph capabilities. With this new creation, cell phones can be used as watches, bracelets, data pads or just a phone. This new creation has many barriers to overcome but may change the world as we know it. Monika had a cleaver advertisement in youth. Mom about a phone that uses nanotechnology to bend light, stretch and constrict to create designs for outer wear. The video showed that you can make a data pad from the new nanotechnology mobile phone by pulling the sides using silk nanotechnology. You can then combine it and create a bracelet or a watch. The next frame showed how the ear piece can be used as a broach or covers your ear for verbal communication. Finally you can put It back to the Orlando form as a brick phone.

Not only can It morph, but It also Is very resistant to dirt, liquids and dropping due to Its creation starting at the molecule level. The devices will be so sensitive that it could sense the environment like air laity, temperature or humidity. The membrane of the phone would be so sensitive that it would even recharge with the sun’s rays which means it will never die. O Sings, 2011) At first glance I was excited for the phone and found out that they are still working on it at Cambridge University and it is estimated that by 2017 the phone should make its debut.

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The benefits for achieving nanotechnology for mobile devices will create a new revenue string with flexible devices. Initially the phone would be very expensive because of Its dynamics, but over time It will be cheaper to create due to the large emend. Since the hard drive will be the size of a period on a page, memory will never be a problem. This would also bring forth connections wirelessly so that people will actually connect there movie to the television that Is already In there house.

By implementing this new mobile device, Monika will go down in the history books as the inventor of nanotechnology. Some changes that need to be made would be to make sure that they are the only ones that can use the technology and repair their phones. By doing this they can corner the market. Design Patents for the new nanotechnology morph mobile phone loud probably be a good idea but someone will create the same idea no matter how hard they try to keep it away from competition. On the good side some competition would even improve upon it.

I would make the phone have the ability to communicate through IIOP so that they can keep the subscriptions with g LET and guarantee quality service. By doing this they will not only get the money from the Initial sales but have long time monthly revenue from the Wireless cell phone connection. When new technology would surface, Monika can sell add-ones to the This is only a footnote in nanotechnology. This invention will also bring the possibility of Anna-repair for humans and technology.

The only thing about new technology is that if it can be used for good, it can also be used for bad. Laws would have to be created to limit the usage. New laws and security would have to be implemented to make sure someone with a Anna-robot will retrieve all your personal information. With all of the benefits I believe that Monika, or any mobile phone company, should bring nanotechnology phones out so that the consumer can enjoy the comforts of the future. If they had it today, phone would be a thing of the past to and make wave for he ever changeable cell phone.

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