Basketball and Andy Car Assignment

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Rwanda called Geisha back and said there was a crash and the car exploded and at least one of the boys was killed maybe more. Geisha went to hospital and found out it was Robert who died in the accident. Cheaper 3: Memories Of Police Officer Casey asked Tyrone Mills what happened on the night of car accident. He said the game ended around 9:pm, and they won so they went to celebrate. Gerald was going to go with them but he had to go home. B. J. Don’t play on the basketball team because he too short. B. J. , Robert, Andy, and Tyrone were hanging out since 7th grade.

So they got in Andy car and tart driving around, fooling around, and etc. They were drinking except B. J. After a while, the car started to sway. Then all of a sudden the wall was in front of them. Andy tried finding brakes. Glass everywhere and Tyrone door opened and everyone except Robert got out. They can smell gas and they heard Robert shouting. The door was closed tight and his feet made it harder to get it open. Then, Andy and B. J. Tried to help but a explosion happened and Robert died in fire. Chapter 4: “Dear Lord” In this chapter, B. J. Aid a prayer about what happened on November 7th. Chapter 5: “My Most Frightening Moment”: In this chapter, Rwanda wrote a English Homework Essay about how last week she learned that kids her own age could die and that when she learned this it was her most frightening moment. She also wrote what happened before the game and accident. Chapter 6: The Household Herald In this chapter, was a special edition of Household High School newspaper about Robert, and other important upcoming things happening in school. Chapter 7: “Hey Coach! Can we talk? In this chapter, Andy talked to his basketball coach on his first day back to school. Andy told his basketball coach how he felt after the accident and that he judge punished him by revoking his license till 21 and a two year suspended sentence. And he also has to go to Health Clinic for his Alcohol Rehabilitation Classes every Saturday at am through to pm. He also can restart basketball now. Chapter 8 : Sad Songs, Juicy Gossip In this chapter, Rwanda wrote to her friend Sandra who lives in California about what happened to Robert and car accident and about her relationship with Tyrone.

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Chapter 9 : “If I could change the world” In this chapter, Gerald wrote a essay about if he can change the world he would get rid of peanut butter, band- aids, and fiver dollar bills. Chapter 10 : Hoops and dunks: In this chapter, it was first basketball game after Robert dead. The Household team won 65-64. Andy is the new center replacing Robert. And, Andy made his first 3 point shoot in his basketball life which helped Household win in the last second. Chapter 11: Andy first visit to the Psychologist In this chapter, Andy meet DRP. Garrotters who will talk to him the next couple weeks about the accident and his life.

Chapter 12: Girl Problems? In this chapter, Andy wanted to go out for a movie with Geisha after school but it snowy and 20 degrees. But Geisha said she had a chemistry test tomorrow and composition for English Class. Geisha also said Andy is starting to get on her nerves. Chapter 13: Overheard in the Hall between Classes Gerald and Andy talked to each other before switching classes. Chapter 14: Ferocious Frustration: In this chapter, Andy meets with the psychologist again, this time he went out with frustrations how people treat blacks compared to whites.

Chapter 1 5: Female Frustration: In this chapter, Geisha puts a diary entry about her day at the mall with Andy for Christmas shopping. Chapter 16: “How am I supposed to write poetry? ” In this chapter, Anta’s class had to do a poetry assignment before Christmas vacation. Andy did the assignment but he did not hand it because he did not feel like it. Chapter 17: Christmas without Work: In this chapter, Andy meets the Psychologist after Christmas break. Andy is upset how blacks are treated differently compared to whites.

Chapter 18: “Good Morning, Household” In this chapter, morning announcements happened for the first day back from Christmas vacation. Chapter 19: Black on White: It was snowing and in poem class Andy talked to his teacher how when it snows you go outside and white all around you it feels like it swallowing you up. It a feeling you get. Also Andy did not understand why black usually tanks for something bad and white something good. His English teacher said its apparent in literature.

Chapter 20: Accepting Fear – Escaping Pain In this chapter the psychologist and Andy meet again. The doctor said Andy should talk to Robert parents to eliminate pain. Chapter 21: Night and Dreams In this chapter, Monty Andy little brother was scared so Andy put his light lamp on. Then Andy went to another room and called Geisha about what will happen in future or dream what will happen. Then he heard Robert talking to him about how he feels cold and how it all Andy fault about the accident (a estimate Andy had), then Monty his brother came and he went to sleep.

Chapter 22: A letter of Remembered Joy In this chapter, Andy wrote a letter to Roberts Parents about how bad he felt about the accident and memories with Robert and his parents. Chapter 23: “Out, Out! Brief Candle” In this chapter, the class was almost done studying Macbeth. Macbeth change from a noble, trusted, and dedicated solider to a wretched, depraved, and murderer. Then the students were sharing their opinions then they read about Macbeth finding out his wife died. Then all of a sudden, Andy left the classroom and went to hall. Chapter 24: Baloney Sandwiches and bad breath In this chapter, it was lunchtime and Andy, Tyrone, and B.

J. Was talking then Tyrone said remember Andy that Hong Kong girl who Robert was trying to go out with because she was so good in math. That made Andy mad because he wanted to stop talking about Robert and he left. Then Tyrone and B. J. Went to counselor to see what the problem is and she said that Andy is in the process of working it out. Chapter 25: Learning to Live In this chapter, Andy meets with the psychologist for the last time. Andy tells the doctor that Robert mom came home and said to Andy that she will reassure this letter forever and she said Robert father also forgive him.

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