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I’m Kavitha Janakan following Food Science in Dalhousie University. I started to writer English essays when I was in grade six. As a non-native English speaker, writing essays in English was a big challenge for me. I used to write essays for my school assignments. The first essay, I wrote was about “Hobbies”. In the writing process, I had troubles to forces on grammar, spelling, proper sentence structure, and choosing the correct words in my sentence. In school I took ELS class to improve my English writing and speaking.

Those class I took in school gave me the confidence to be a more effective and creative writer. ELS class also gave me some short of experience in “how to give a speech and how to build up an argument”. We all know that “practice makes perfect”. I had the changes to practice my writing over my school and collage time in different types of writing forms. All the papers I wrote in that time was edited by classmates and the teacher. My writing was edited by different students and the teacher.

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I took all their suggestions into my consideration and found that, was very useful for my development as a writer. The requirement of my major studies in Microbiology, I should have one full credit in English Literature. I was enrolled in the Critical Writing Poetry class. For the first time since my school grade, my writing ability was praised and the sharing of my ideas was encouraged by an enthusiastic and nurturing professor. Despite the difficulty of poetry, I enjoyed reading it.

Because of my wonderful experience in Critical Writing, my love for reading and writing was renewed and my confidence in my abilities as a writer had been restored. Over the past years, my love to read and write has been continually increased. I decided to take more writing class to improve my academic writing. During my collage period I practice almost every types of writing. My favourite type of writing is the laboratory report writing. I wrote many laboratory reports for my courses.

The lab report that I wrote was corrected and comments by laboratory instructors. I took all their commons and suggestions to improve my lab report writing. Academic writing is a bit challenge for me. I don’t have much practice on that type of writing. I planned to take more university level class to improve my academic writing. My goal in this class was to become effective academic writer to focus on my grammar, proper sentence structure and choosing the correct words in my sentences. I hope end of this class I will become an effective academic writer.

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