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Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to give some advice to my business communications class. I have never gotten a chance to speak or even hear from a CEO, nonetheless, a fortune 500 CEO. I really enjoyed your lecture and thought that you had a very Interesting and wise perspective. You made several points that really stuck out to me. The first piece of advice you enlightened my class with was that every company must uphold a set of values and how it is the Coo’s responsibility to make sure everyone under your management bides by these values.

The main value that you instilled in me was the “why question. ” You made it very clear that when you are faced with a Job, task, or problem you must ask, “why are we doing this [Job, task, or problem]” before we ask how. This made a lot of sense to me because I tend to Jump straight to the how questions before answer the why question. Since our class, Eve had to do multiple assignments where I decided to ask “why am I doing this assignments before I asked myself “how will I do this assignment? And It has made a very big difference.

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The other major message I took away from your speech was how your brand was an expression of your principles. You gave our class a definition of what you thought CEO stood for. You said, “C is for customers, E is for employees, and O is for opportunities. ” I found this to be very interesting because although a CEO is suppose to be of higher importance to a company you still believe that a company is a lot greater than one man. It takes a team with all parts working in sync to successfully omelet a Job.

By respecting and appreciating the work of all team members you constantly motivate them to do better. I believe this Is a great way to brand the title of CEO. You also talked about some other values you try to embrace, humility, no regrets, and understanding that some things are out of your control. By knowing your values and brand, you are able to be completely honest with your employees and costumers. I only touched on the three parts of your lecture that stuck out to me the most but I know you gave a lot more great advice.

Thank you again for giving my business communication class some of your valuable time and advice. My class and I really appreciate it. Hopefully we can stay in contact in the future. Best regards, GAS Thank you note By segregates thought that you had a very interesting and wise perspective. Where I decided to ask “why am I doing this assignment? ” before I asked myself “how will I do this assignment? ” and it has made a very big difference.

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