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How does compensation effect regulation? Compensation Is necessary to prevent over regulation 2. Compensation of develops will courage excessive development Exams will be either In-class essay exams, or longer r take-home essays. In class exams will, Inter all, consist of a fact pattern from which students should evaluate the law and economic issues. Take home exams will be in essence the same, but they will involve more information and require more detailed answers. It is the student’s choice which to TA

Con 3468: Introduction to Law and Economics Fall 2013 Instructor: Douglas savant’s, J. D. , Ph. D. Meeting Place and Time: Laurel Hall 307, TRY Office Hours: TRY 3:30- 4:30 or by appointment Email: Douglas. savltsky@uconn. Du Overview This course is intended to introduce undergraduate studs nuts to the discipline of law and economics. Law and economics is a broad and diverse field, so we will be focusing on a few areas to get a flavor of the discipline. It is assumed that everyone taking the court SE has had some economics.

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As such, there will be an emphasis in the beginning on understanding the law. Requirements, Grading, and Expectations I expect students to be prepared for class. Being prepared means that you have read and considered the assigned readings. Reading assignments will consist of sections from the textbook as well as cases, articles, and several book chapters. Many of the read inns will likely be difficult because the style of writing is different from what you have experienced before and because many will contain legal Jargon that may be unfamiliar.

Thus, it is important that you allocate sufficient time to read the assignments carefully and critical Ill. Please feel free to ask, via email or at my office hours, If any reading seems Insurmountable. While not required , it is recommended that students assigned readings. Grades will be based on 2 exams (45% each) and class s interaction (10%). Many of the topics we will cover are contentious, and it is only through student pa ratification that you will come to fully understand them.

You are expected to attend class, and you should d be prepared to be called on to summarize and/or respond to readings, and to respond to questions FRR mom me or comments from your fellow students. Exams will be either in-class essay exams, or longer r take-home essays. In class exams will, inter alai, eke, and students may do one of each. All exams are open book and open note, but you must complete all of the work on your own. F book and open note, but you must complete all of the work on your own.

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