The notes of a confused college student Assignment

The notes of a confused college student Assignment Words: 244

To encourage students to evolve their analytical skills. To enable students to: Define key concepts In the study of history Identify major factors shaping the development of the US Recognize causes and consequences of major changes in US history Cite key examples of major historical trends and patterns Discriminate between causal factors of primary importance and secondary importance. Evaluation 4 Exams will be given, each worth 15 points These exams will be multiple-choice in nature.

The lowest grade will be dropped. This option makes make-up exams a rare exception) Daily quizzes will be given using the I-clicker, worth 10 total points Questions will be drawn from various sources If you attend class regularly these will be easy points 2 Primary source Analysis castles will be given, worth 5. (10 points toward total) These assignments will be group activities completed in class. The readings will be posted on Blackboard and each student will be responsible for their completion.

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On he day of the AS, you will come to class prepared to contribute to the group. Make- up Saga’s will be given only on rare occasions. 2 Reading quizzes will be given, each worth 10 points These quizzes will be given In-class In conjunction with you readings of Bell and Moody. These quizzes will be written and will reflect your analysis of these readings. Text book readings will be worth 20 points total Once a week you will complete a reading assignment using the online connect.

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