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Since childhood we are told that a person must obtain a college degree in order to get a good job. We are reassured that this is the way that we will achieve all of our dreams. That all we have to do Is learn. But now a days, in order to obtain that degree we must work. This Is not as easy as It sounds. When a mere 18 year old tries to tackle a “standard college load of fifteen hours” whilst working a part-time or full- time job, problems will undoubtedly arise for that individual.

The three common problems are be not having enough time to study,rest, or socialize. Our society is being introduced to the classic student on the go. For a student on the go, there will NEVER be enough time to study. Standard students carry out four or five classes a semester. For each class, the recommended amount of hours to study should be about 5 a week. That Is 25 hours of studying a week for all your classes. That is basically working another part-time job Then, periodic tests and quizzes and homework have to be added.

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All this work can never be done when a student has to leave class to barely make it on time for work. Homework and studying are all put off ill the last minute because when students are working evenings and weekends to pay for tuition. Because of all this running around most students can’t even get a healthy diet or proper rest. Running around from class to class and then to work can be very exhausting. Students then have to complete assignments at night, when they should be resting-Lack of sleep grantees lack of concentration in class , which inevitably leads to poor grades.

Also the average diet of a student on the go , consists of rushed cups of coffee, chips for lunch , and fast food for dinner. Students cannot even replenish their bodies because of such little time. Finally students on the go don’t have any time to socialize or relax. These are key elements even be physiologically healthy. But with all our work and studies, students never have the “me” time that’s need. There is seldom time for dating and parties. Students cannot sit down and read a good book, or enjoy a game of soccer.

Nope, the little time we get to ourselves must be used for studies. Students in this generation have become zombies, never resting or eating, and always on autopilot. This Is few ways to solve problem. One would be for the government to realize what a money scam college Is now a days. They need to realize that students are investing ten of thousands of dollars in college that they cannot afford. American is seducing teens with the idea that getting a degree will provide them with an automatic ticket to the middle class.

The Job market is the worse that it has ever been. A college degree is not longer a guarantee of success. In my home country Peru, college education Is free. This is what America should do. Yes it sounds radical, stable life. With college debt out of the way they can truly focus of obtaining a Job. Another way would be to raise the minimum wage. Most teens who work and study re stuck with Jobs that only offer minimum wage because they don’t have a college degree or experience.

If we raise the minimum wage, student might not have to work so much hours. They might get the money they need by Just working a couple hours of work and not the entire evening. This would open up their time to study , rest, and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Going to college is tough, but it should never be exhausting. It should not deprive its students of their basic primal needs. America should realize that investing on its youth is ultimately better, for they would be investing on their own future.

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