How To Succeed In College Assignment

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In o order to succeed in college, students should follow the process that make them achieve their goal s in college. To be success in college, the beginning process student should be doing is en ever miss a class. This is very important because most of the test questions will come from ha t teachers teach in class. Every day in class, the teachers will cover the subject that they think are important. They will explain the ideas in ways that will be the easiest for students to understand d. For example, I have a friend, and she is an honor student at GUCCI.

She has always been work Eng hard for her classes when she was in high school. All teachers see her study said that she deserves a high position in this society. But she did not become an honor student overnight. It took hard work and dedication for her to become an honor student. She joined activities that can help her get better grades in her classes. She stayed up late to finish a school assignment, even when she got sick, but she still got up to go to school to get help in her assignments in the t tutoring center.

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When I asked her why she has been working so hard, she just smiled at me and said t hat she wants her family live a better life. By not missing any classes, she can hear everything he r teacher say, and can perform well in class while many students do not perform well because the y miss a class lecture. This example shows that by missing a class, it is gone forever. Once students know how important Of missing a class lecture is, the next prop sees is to manage time. Many students do not how to manage their time which lead to a time co inflict.

They do not know how to keep balance between work and school. Many students have the Eire work schedule close to their school hours. For example, last semester, knew a person in clay as, and he was always came late to school and left about 20′ early. It happened for almost Hal f of the semester until he dropped the class. I had a chance to talk to him about why he was all says late for school. He said because of his job, and he had to come late. Also, he was poor, and h e has to work to make money to support his family.

And the teacher knew about his situation and did not complain when he was 1 0′ late everyday. But it was a big mistake that he mad e, the teacher always gave out an important information about the test in first 10′. I remember ere One day We had a midterm, and he did not show up on time to take his exam. He was more the an 20′ late and he could not finish his exam. I thought that the reason was everyday he did not s owe up on time and his missed a lot of important information. When time for an exam, he did not know how to do it and struggle with all assignment that he missed.

Time management is very IM portent to college students. If they can arrange their time between school and work, they would do better in class. After previous steps are completed, this is a last important process that college e students should follow is not to be shy asking questions in class. Students who ask questions I n class will show their interesting and show the teacher that they participate in class. This is a v ere helpful process hat student should do. By asking question in class, students would no longer concern about what they do not know.

For instance, in my experience, ask questions can help stud .NET understand more about the materials that the teacher tries to explain. Sometimes, it is ha rd for students to understand the idea of what teacher try to say. My cousin told me that at first he did not understand the materials when he first started attending in college. Since he I s not shy asking questions in class, he got better. He understand the assignment clearly and n o struggle with all the works that he had to deal with.

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