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Worldview Application Assignment Abortion Some critics believe that abortion Is a woman’s choice; others believe that termination of a life even before it is born Is still murder. I highly doubt that pro- choice advocates would support their stance if they too believed that abortion was murder, so how then can they justify their pro-choice affiliation? The true question to be asked is when does life actually begin? There would be no questions asked if someone could prove the point at which life begins.

However there is a grey area, we do not know when “life” begins. Some believe at conception, others at heartbeat, and others at brain waves. No one can say for sure, I however prefer the stance of “better safe than sorry’ when it comes to another possible humans life. The moral issue is determined by one’s belief of the beginning of life, Is It murder or is it really Just an optional part of a woman’s body that can be removed, Like a skin tag. Currently In the united States 1. 3 million babies are aborted every year.

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The leading reasons for abortion today are Inadequate funding and lack of readiness for responsibility. These reasons are completely ridiculous when looking at abortion from the pro-life ramekin of thinking, if it is a human life, then it is murder to abort the baby and therefore no reason for termination can be Justified. (Word count: 230) When one examines abortion from a pro- life perspective they are assuming that Just because a child is unborn does not mean that it is not a child.

Not all Christians have the same views on abortion because types of abortions vary and the moment when “life begins” is debated. However most people who have a biblical worldview tend to be pro-life. The bible supports the idea that even before a child is born, it is capable of emotion and mature thought. In Luke 1:41- 44 we see John the Baptist as a baby In Elizabethan womb recognizing Jesus when he Is still only an embryo. Luke 1:41-44 states, “And when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, the baby leaped In her womb.

And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spilt, and she exclaimed with a loud cry, “Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb And why is this granted to me that the mother of my Lord should come to me? For behold, when the sound of your greeting came to my ears, the baby in my womb leaped for joy (Luke 1:41-44 ESP.). John even in Elizabethan womb was able to recognize the glory f Jesus. If he was able to recognize Jesus can we honestly not assume that he would be able to recognize a giant vacuum, pulling him apart limb by limb?

If a child is fully able to recognize life outside the womb, then it is obviously a human being and as a human, it should be given the right to live. If that right is taken away, then it is murder. The biblical worldview draws from the bibles written perspectives on life which state that life Is sacred and given by god. The bible states in Psalm 139:13 that, “[god] made all the delicate, Inner parts of my body and knit me together In my other’s womb” (Psalm 139: 13 NIL). God has given each human Intrinsic value even before they leave the womb, he created us and cherished us. Ender the biblical Personally I believe that the bible is the living word of God and should be followed as such. If God commands that life is sacred and that murder is sin, and the bible in Greek indicates that there is no difference between a born and unborn child (beepers) then to kill a child is murder. Within the biblical worldview we should also understand how much God loves children and we should know that his heart aches very time a child is aborted because he created them and to watch their opportunity to change this world must burden him so much.

Science can be very deceiving, Just the way The Enemy prefers it. He likes to pull us as far as we can from the word as possible; he is in deed the great deceiver. People who do not follow a biblical worldview are often not bad people however they are deceived, the fact that 1. 3 million abortions can take place simply as a result of the strain it would cause is ridiculous. People must be truly deceived into thinking unborn children are not living, hey really do believe that their conscious will be free and clear after the procedure is completed.

Pro- choice advocates believe that every woman has a right to choose what happens to her body, and with that I do agree, however as soon as her body becomes the home of a new human regardless of how it got there, it is still another human. Pregnancy is a major inconvenience, however being inconvenienced for 9 months of your life is not reason enough to commit murder. Adoption is always a viable option. As Christians who live and work under a biblical worldview it is vital hat we give a voice to the unborn and stand up for them by giving pregnant woman options.

We as Christians are told in the word that we should adopt children into our homes; Matthew 18:5 “And anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf is welcoming me”. It is our responsibility to adopt these children so the mothers don’t abort them. We as bible believing Christians working and living through a biblical world need to fulfill our responsibility to the unborn babies of the world by advocating on their behalf and educating other to the best of our ability.

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