A Note to Parents Reaction Jounal Assignment

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Reaction Journal: “A Note to Parent’s” In the essay “A Note to Parent’s,” Ruben Inveterate, Jar. Writes about the current parental issue on how the parent’s are approaching their children in supporting them. Ruben Inveterate, Jar. First starts off his essay with his memories of home on how his grandpa managed to keep his five sons, including his father, away from kids who can be bad influences such as toying with switchblades and stealing.

Now that the writer is getting ready to start a family, his concern is the thought that his kids eight get influenced by kids with Bum’s and $1000 handbags. Parent’s these days can be too lenient and demand too little from their children. That is why the parent’s are trying to make up for their absence of being too busy with work by giving cash to their children and/or by buying them things that they request.

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The writer closes his essay with his thought that parent’s should “close their wallets, take 10 minutes,” to think further about what they are really taking away from their children—they should actually be learning what it is to stay hungry for success. The readings made me think about how my parent’s raised me and my three other siblings. As a last child in my family, I was more disadvantaged than my older siblings in getting new things. Before having to request what I wanted, my sister’s and brother’s used stuffs were inherited to me.

By the time I was 18 years old, it was natural for me to accept the fact that I am in charge of my own expenses and to not upend on my parent’s wallet. It is true, that many parent’s nowadays are trying to make up for their busy schedule with money and tangible gifts for their children. However, I agree with the writer that they should also think about what their children may be missing out when they easily can get all that they want from their parent’s. Children have to learn more valuable lesson of being hungry for self development that can lead to a better success.

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