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Reaction Paper #2 Sharon Espiritu Florida Institute of Technology Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs I ever had. Some of the many questions I have when visiting the pediatrician for my children’s annual check up are whether I am meeting my children’s growth and developmental needs and how do they fare up compared to other children of their age in regards to their size? My children’s growth and developmental needs have always been my concern because both my children are premature. As toddlers they have always been smaller and leaner compared to other children of their age.

When we visit the playground, meddlesome grandparents or guardians of other children usually criticize my children’s lean stature. I have chosen this journal for my paper in hope to give me light on some of my concerns. What I found quite interesting because I did not know it existed is that there is a formula that can be calculated to predict an estimated adult height of children. However, Rogol, Clark & Roemmich, mentioned that “contribution of heredity to adult size and shape varies with environmental circumstances, and the 2 continuously interact throughout the entire growth period.

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Children with similar genotypes, who would reach the same adult height under optimal conditions, may be differentially affected by adverse circumstances”. In addition to heredity, other factors that may alter growth and development are nutrition, hormones, and physical activity. Although, it is recommended that moderate activity is essential for children to prevent obesity, excessive physical training may negatively affect growth and adolescent development. Sports that emphasize strict weight control and high energy output???for example, scholastic wrestling, gymnastics, and dancing???are of particular concern for growth disorder (Roger et al. 2000). In summary, growth and development of children is so dynamic. Some factors are beyond parental control. Nutrition and physical activity are factors within our control that need balancing for children to reach their growth potential. I should rest assure that I am providing for my children’s needs and enjoy the rewards of being a parent. Reference Rogol, A. , Clark, P. , Roemmich J. (2000). Growth and pubertal development in children and adolescents: effects of diet and physical activity. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 72, 5215-5280

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