Technology and Job Destruction Assignment

Technology and Job Destruction Assignment Words: 358

Most students and employees have the tendency to socialize through the various social media available in their educational and business affairs. As a mechanical designer, perform various tasks for the company. A daily work routine of mine is to go to the office with the intent to do research and work on various designs with my laptop. Due to most of my work responsibility, being done on a laptop or computer, it is easy for me to get distracted.

Today, in most business settings including mine, where most of your daily work responsibility is done on technological equipment it is easy to get distracted with website searching, social media and other forms of non-work related matters. As a result of such distractions, most of my projects that are supposed to be done in just about an hour get dragged on for more than two to three hours. I am an individual who is easily distracted by my surroundings and social media does not help me overcome such habits.

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For example, while attempting to complete a reject usually start to search random websites and visit Faceable every twenty to thirty minutes. Moreover, this destructive behavior plays a negative role in the time span of the project that need to be completed. I also intend to get distracted in educational setting, especially when they require the use of laptops and cell phones for research and typing purposes. As an example, writing an essay takes me longer than it should due to me also performing other non-educational tasks with technology.

In conclusion, technology does unction as a distraction, especially in a business or an educational setting that requires technological devices for certain projects or assignments. When your work requires the use of laptop or cell phone it is much easier and convenient to get distracted with other non-related matters such as social media. My work requires the use of technological devices such as laptops and computers to perform most projects and research. Therefore, technology is a huge distraction and it definitely negatively affects my work performance and time management.

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