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Whether right or wrong, many people believe that color of skin played an important role in these fatal decisions. The difference of skin color was the reason that slavery existed in the past but in today’s world slavery exists because of the venerability and manipulation of children and women. Many don’t think that slavery exists in today’s world but that is completely false. The new slavery which is prominent in today’s world is human trafficking it involves capturing women and children and selling them as sex slaves or servants.

Different from the past leaver, human trafficking involves many twists but also many similarities to slavery in the past. Even though slavery was prominent in the past, human trafficking, a new type of slavery with similar qualities, is rising up affecting a larger number of people. One race discriminating against another race is the reason why slavery existed in the past. Slavery started off as a minor issue in the sass’s but became a debatable subject in Ethel 80(Yes. Debatable or not, slavery is a major issue that many people overlook because of the cultural norms during that time period.

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The norms being, all African Americans irked on farms or in their “masters” house, workers being treated unfairly etc. The slaves worked long hours and preformed arduous tasks for many years under the control of their masters. These jobs soon became careers for those who were bought by their “masters”. With almost 1 13 of all southern families owning a slave, slavery was spreading fast and it affected many people while it continued to spread (“10 Statistics”). These southern families or “Slave owners sought to make their slaves completely dependent on them, and a system of restrictive codes governed life among slaves” (“Slavery”).

Brainwashing the slaves into thinking that they were below them was one of the ways the white man gained control of the African Americans. That control which was taken advantage of, is what led to many deaths and battles. These battles are still going on today, because of the discrimination of others and the rift in the relationship between whites and colored. The mistreatment and trials of the slaves in the past stand in the way of peace between the whites and blacks. An example of hostility in today’s world because of slavery is the shootings of black teen who was unarmed by a white police officer.

Whether right or wrong, many people believe the police officer discriminated against the black teen. This issue caused an outcry for justice and peace between the whites and blacks. The slavery which was prominent in the past has carried some similarities into modern day slavery which is seeping into the culture. The modern slavery of human trafficking, on the contrary, involves capturing and selling women and children for the purpose of sex and labor. When a human is trafficked, they are being stripped of their freedom and their life.

The trafficked person is either captured or kidnapped and sold to another errors as sex slave or a labor worker. With over 27 million people being trafficked every year, this new slavery has become a lucrative business for those in the business with a total market value of $32 billion dollars every year (Culled). The figures stated above include children and women, the two most trafficked people in the world because of their vulnerability. Those who capture the women and children target them because of the easiness to deceive.

Women are targeting in control manipulation or debt manipulation. “Many women learn they have been deceived about the nature of the work hey will do, most have been lied to about the financial arrangements and conditions of their employment, and all find themselves in coercive and abusive situations from which escape is both difficult and dangerous” (“International). The manipulation that goes on before the trafficking starts carries on until after the trafficking is done. Women are manipulated throughout their whole life by their masters because men see them as weaker.

Women are seen as people who are easily deceived and emotionally connected in today’s culture. This norm that the men created for women is plain reason why women are targeted. Another reason why human trafficking has grown in recent years is because of the new technological advances. Technology has made it easier for those who are trafficking to sell their slaves fast and easily without being detected. Traffickers now, are able to hide behind their computers and make illegal trades all around the world in seconds.

This new slavery is an illegal business which continues to make billions of dollars because of new technological advances and the easy targeted market. When comparing the two different time periods of slavery, it seems that the number of slaves in the past was fewer compared to the ones now. The slaves in the past were mostly from the improvised communities and poverty stricken parts of Africa. Assignment, the western part of Africa (known as in the past) was the main region where slaves were bought from.

Many don’t think that slavery was widespread in America because, “Though it is impossible to give accurate figures, some historians have estimated that 6 to 7 million slaves were imported to the New World during the 18th century alone (“Slavery’). These slaves were shipped across the world to work on fields and houses of those who bought them for their purpose. Because it unfeasible to give precise numbers on the amount of slaves in the past, it is difficult to compare one as worse than the other. On the contrary, there are any statistics that show the number of enslaved by human trafficking. 1 billion people are trafficked every year all around the world and about 60,000 in the U. S alone (Culled). But the reason for being trafficked is different from past slavery. The new age of slavery is focuses on sex and money. Women and children are kidnapped and sold all around the world to whoever buys them. Compared to slavery in the past, human trafficking is an international problem. Slavery has always been an international problem especially in the countries of Mauritania, Haiti, Pakistan and India (“10 Statistics”).

These countries were ranked the top 4 hotshots for human trafficking these countries are all countries that are less developed and lack a strong governmental protection therefore it makes these countries hotshots for human trafficking. Slavery in the past was focused on Africans coming and working in America on farms and in today’s world human trafficking is focused on capturing and selling for the reason of sex and labor. Human trafficking also focuses on underground work because of the laws against it.

Especially with over 26 percent of trafficked people being under the age of 18, those who buy and sell slaves have become more cautious in keeping their job a secrecy. The differences of slaves in the past to slaves now is that slaves in the past were known by their masters but those who are trafficked now are hidden from the outside world and are kept under strict watch (Culled 4). Slavery in both forms diminishes self-confidence and belittles those who are working as slaves and servants. When comparing the two forms of slavery many similarities stick out.

Both are treated poorly and old to others. They are thrown between masters and constantly ridiculed for their work. Slavery in the past demanded a lot physically and slavery now demands a lot emotionally. Human trafficking and slavery both demand one thing from their slaves and that is their rights being stripped away. The slaves which are sold and tossed around are being bonded to their masters and being stripped of every right they have. Many didn’t even know that modern day slavery existed. Many don’t know that millions of people and billions of dollars are being sold all around the world.

Those people who are trafficked owe they have to live a life full of discrimination, hatred, shame and guilt. Similar to the slaves in the past who were ridiculed and mocked for their skin color and the work they did. Slavery wasn’t just a thing in the past, its memories and lifestyles is seeping into today’s culture creating rifts in relationships and modern day slavery. The slaves in the past and the slaves now are people who lived normal lives until the dreaded day that they had been sold to an owner who treated them unfairly because of the color of their skin or their vulnerability. Works Cited Culled-DuPont, Kathy.

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