Final copy of the secondof english collge s class Assignment

Final copy of the secondof english collge s class Assignment Words: 618

The Meaning of Maturity Being a mature student does not mean being an older. Maturity is not me assured by the number of years a person has lived. Instead, the yardstick of maturity is m raked by the qualities of selfishness, determination, and dependability. Selfishness is an important quality in a mature student. In general, classifier e is the ability to control ourselves from temptation and seduction.

Therefore, a matt re student should know what he should do, what he should not do, and overcome the desire who ICC he should not have, in order to achieve success in his future. For example, a mature student should study for his exam, and complete all his homework, before enjoying any spare time activity sees. Moreover, if a student does not understand something up to the point where he struggles a re hurting their academics, he should use his free time to go over the subject matter to make sure that he understands it.

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Hence, this student would have to put time and effort into to understanding the material, rather than just putting it off. Finally, a mature student who has self denial is a person who can control himself to take his responsibilities more seriously. For instant e, a mature student who has assignments due on Monday, he will finish it instead of going g to the inveterate with his friends. In that sense we can say, the student who can organize his time and social life is really a mature student. Determination is another characteristic of a mature student.

Certainly, a matt re student must have strong determination to face any frustration and overcome all his difficulties. For example, to most mature students, especially those who study far away from their home, working and studying at the same time to cover the tuition fee and living expenses, De termination gives hem energy to wake up straight to midnight to do a lot of homework and ass segments so that they can be submitted on time. Another sign of determination is when a stud .NET goes the extra mile to complete a task.

For example, instead of handing in the bare minimum m work that is required for a passing grade, a determined student will do a magnificent work to distinguish him from the rest of his peers. Lastly, if a student wants to work in a big company, he must be determined on trying to hard to study well in school, and at the same time , to collect experiences in small jobs by working part-time job or participating in social activities. Howe ever, without strong determination our dreams never come true.

Although salamander and determination are both vital, probably the most imp rattan measure Of maturity is dependability. Dependability is the value Of showing h onset concern for others and supporting others. The traits associated with dependability are: in dignity, truthfulness, and sincerity. For instance, dependable students keep their word, complete a assignments in time and do whatever they need to do to the best of their knowledge. Moreover a mature student is consistent in actions, behavior, and is steadfast in doing what is expected.

Of r example, a dependable student organizes and knows which is his work, follows his ached ole, tries his best on the assignments of his academy, and, most of all, answer for his responsible elites. In addition, the dependable students deliver on their promises, are honest, apologize and manage their time wisely. To conclude, the criteria to measure maturity doesn’t involve age, physical size or appearance. These are just for physical measurement.

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