High School English Class Assessment Assignment

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Date Class Class Assessment Assignment If I were the teacher, I would teach the class similarly to the way you teach us. The most Interesting assignment that comes to mind Is the one where we researched different topics based on the novel A Tale of Two Cycles. I would Like more hands-on approaches In learning and open discussions to happen in class. I understand the method you use to teach our class. It is very effective for me. I think other students would appreciate a more hands-on approach to learning.

I would robbery make students do a lot of research on different parts of English of their choice, then have them present what they have learned and discovered to the class. This would give the students a chance to compare notes and ideas with others. It will also give them a sense of leadership and give them a chance to experience what many teachers experience when lecturing/explaining Ideas to a class. The assignment I found most Interesting was the one where we were In groups and researching different topics from the novel A Tale of Two Cycles.

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After we finished our search, we presented our findings to the class. I Liked this because It gave us a chance to share our ideas Ana conclusions Ana Nell toners enumerates want we nave learned also helped I Nils assaulting me understand the setting of the novel better than I would of if I read it without research. I also enjoy the grammar and punctuation assignments; they help me become a better speaker and writer. They also let me know that Just speaking English is not enough, you have to recognize the mechanics of it all.

The assignments help me acknowledge my errors ND correct them. I believe that even when I am in college, I will use notes from this class as a resource. English is my favorite subject, so I can honestly say not one assignment sticks out as the least interesting. I would like more research projects and hands-on experiences to happen in class. I would prefer these instead of lectures and working directly from text books, because they give us a chance to do work on our own and get a better understanding of our assignments and objectives. This would also prepare us for our college studies.

I would also like more in-class discussions about different problems concerning assignments or different views on certain ideas in English. I know many students would not like this, but I think it’s best to get a taste of it now and not be surprised when we enter a college classroom. I believe all the activities and assignments I do in class are very helpful. They help prepare Tort my Torture Ana let me Know want to KICK Toward to later on In Tie assignments also help me get a better understanding of the English language. While many people hint that it’s enough to only speak English, it’s not.

You have to understand its mechanics in order to speak it properly and to be taken seriously while speaking it. I like this English class, because I get something from it. I learn a lot and I’m sure I’ll be able to use what Vive learned later on in life. This class also prepares me. It gives me a taste of what I’ll be going through in college. There is little I would change about this class, because it is very effective as is. The way you go over something with us then give us quizzes the next ay really drives us to learn more and understand better.

Overall, this class is very effective. Though many students do not think you go lessons as you should, I believe you do. It is up to the student to take the initiative and ask for help when they need it, not two days later. Your style of teaching is effective and motivating. I feel as if you really are trying to prepare us for the road ahead and I really do appreciate your effort. You are pushing me to be the best I can be and I am very grateful. This has been the most valuable English class I have taken yet.

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