Team Leadership Paper Assignment

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Learning Team B is comprised of six female members. Each took a test to indicate their personality type. The basis of their answers classified them into four categories: extroversion or introversion (E or l), sensing or intuition (S or N), thinking or feeling (T or F), and judging or perceiving (J or P) (Robbins & Coulter, 2012). The different personality combinations can give the manager an idea of the type of person each member is, and how they would most effectively benefit the project.

The group tested and their results were as followed: Laurie and Lovelace- .NET], Brandy-EST., Lashings-NEFF, Belle. Lynn, and Mealtime. Last. Brandy’s assessment result was EST], which indicated she was realistic, logical, analytical, decisive, and had a natural head for business (Marcia & Nut, 1989). She appreciates a deadline and prefers routine. Lasagna’s assessment result showed that she was also an extrovert and relies on intuition to solve problems (Robbins & Coulter, 2012).

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Lashings is also cognitive of hers and others feelings and tend to be sympathetic (Robbins & Coulter, 2012). As a judging personality, she will want control and prefer structure (Robbins & Coulter, 2012). Belle’s results indicated she was reserved and creative (Marcia & Not, 1989). She also relies on intuition and relates well to people since she likes harmony (Robbins & Coulter, 2012). Mealtime was also an introvert that is observant, practical, and highly pragmatic (Marcia & Nut, 1989).

She is a perceiving type and they are flexible and spontaneous as well as tolerant (Robbins & Coulter, 2012). Lovelace and my assessment results indicated we are outgoing visionaries with a low tolerance for incompetence (Marcia & Nut, 1989). We are “big picture” thinkers and focus on completing tasks (Robbins & Coulter, 2012). We are considered natural leaders and would make a good leader for the project. To be successful in a new market segment, will lead the team to accomplish the goals set by the company. Eve witnessed Layover’s work ethic; therefore making my decision as the team lead easier (Robbins & Coulter, 2012). Should be able to effectively place the remaining members in specific positions, after the department and goals are more defined. Their positions will be much easier to assign given their personality results. Communication is the key when setting goals set by the organization. Understanding the positive characteristics that each team member can bring, ND implementing those strengths Into the plan will make the new department more efficient and successful.

Monitoring the team’s activities using controls is also necessary to ensure the plan is moving in the right direction. There may need to be adjustments made as the team progresses. Utilizing concurrent control enables the manager to directly supervise the team as they work (Robbins & Coulter, 2012). This is highly beneficial because changes can be made real time. Holding the team accountable for their specific assignments and clearly communicating the goals of the department should lead the team in a refutable direction.

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