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The worst part eight be that students don’t see the effect that technology Is having on their attention spans. They don’t see technology as a roadblock for education. People might say that technology enhances education because It gives more Information faster, and that Is true except for the fact that students are misusing the power of technology by going off track and essentially rinsing the lesson being taught. The internet is a great and expansive place, and that is why sometimes students rather explore it then listen to their teachers. All these sites and APS are taking up the attention of students throughout the world.

This is shown in a Canadian study which proves that computers are helping lower the users grade and his or hers classmates as well. The experiment showed that students who were using computers during the lecture had lower grades than those who were using pen and paper. The worst part is that students around the computer user were also affected and they too had lower grades. A professor at NYU said that “screens generate distraction in a manner akin to second-hand smoke. ” He teaches Media Studies and was an advocate for the use of technology during class. The tipping point for him was when he realized that the castrations spread.

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He no longer allows the use of technological devices unless the assignment requires it. He also stated that when technology was removed from the environment, it was like a breath of fresh air. His students are only concentrated on him and he no longer has to compete for attention. This has lead to fewer multi- takers and a more concentrated class over all. The first step in fighting an addiction Is admitting you have one. That is one of the main issues with technology In the classroom because students don’t realize the way that technology is hindering their education.

The Canadian experiment asked the computer using participants If the considered themselves hindered and they mostly responded by saying that they TLD believe that the computer would affect their test scores. It did. The deference In grades between paper users and computer users was to B-. Those who were distracted by being around a computer user didn’t even realize It. They suffered test scores Just as bad as those who had the computer In front of them. Technology Is sneaky In the way that It distracts. It may not be obvious at first but It will be apparent when the test scores come back.

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